Microsoft: More Xbox One X Enhanced Backwards Compatibility Games Are Coming Soon

More Xbox One X enhanced games for the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility are coming soon.

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Cyborgg1252d ago

At first I thought they meant new exclusives

Obscure_Observer1252d ago

Call it, better support and fan service. ;)

Kingthrash3601251d ago

So resale old games a 3rd this is just lazy, cheap support.

darthv721251d ago

Is that what you think of SotC then thrash? It's an old game that has been sold 3 times now.

dcbronco1251d ago Show
Wasabi1251d ago


How is it lazy, cheap support when MS is improving games I already bought on my original Xbox and 360 and updating them for My new console, some with 4K Visuals?

I pay nothing more for it ...I'm just able to use my discs or digital on my new console , improved at no extra cost...

Meanwhile Sony are offering backwards compatibility via a streaming service which means to play them on my PS4 I have to purchase them again ?

Or Worse ... Re releasing games over again , every generation .. ie Shadow of the Colossus and Sony fans are singing their praises ?

You've literally bought the same game three times lol !!

Sony removed hardware backwards compatibility from the PS3 , replaced it with software and then removed it completely ..

Now Sony wants to sell you the same games you already bought to play in an inferior manner via PS Now.

Oh yeah "For the Players"

Obscure_Observer1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )


We getting better versions of enhanced games on the X than Sony´s remasters on PS4 Pro for FREE! Sony will make us pay for old remastered games every single generation.

Sony is making big money out remasters and that´s why i don´t belive the PS5 to be backwards compatible! Doesn´t matter what you say about old games since is the real gamers that are out there spending their money on them.

According to the latest sales reports, PS4 fans love old games! All i see is games like Crash and SoT on the spootlight making to the Top 20 UK chartz! No signal of new games like Horizon, Uncharted Lost Legacy or Gran Turismo Sport. Facts.

Christopher1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

***So resale old games a 3rd this is just lazy, cheap support.***

Or play old games you already own at better performance and HiRes graphic simulation. At least there's the option to play those games. Or are we going to go with the argument that nobody wants old games likes Shadow of the Colossus?

They're not selling me anything new unless I don't already own the game from my time with my 360. And even then, I can get these games for $5-10, not $40.

Edito1251d ago

@darthv72 can you name a huge hit for Xbox that deserves the shadow of the colossus treatment?

Paid_Vacation1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Who is reselling old games for a 3rd time?

Too funny, let's bang on MS for proving enhancements for older games you might already own.

Meanwhile let's celebrate other companies putting fresh paint over a tired and beaten down Datsun.

PeaSFor1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Call it a blatant crutch because MS obviously has nothing new to offer, they HAVE to rely on BC .

Army_of_Darkness1251d ago

Lots of emphasis and support for backwards compatibility to distract xbox gamers from realizing that they have nothing going forward...

KillBill1251d ago

@Kingthrash360 - BC means you can play the game on Xbox One if you already own it for OG or Xbox 360. Enhancements are free. Maybe knowing just a little bit about what you are talking about before you post might help? You think?

mark_parch1251d ago

all I know is that one of my favourite games of all time kotor looks great on back compat so I'm all for it

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TheCommentator1251d ago

Mind sharing how reading the title led you to that conclusion?

Anyways, it is pretty cool that BC can get upgraded this much though. Seems like devs are able to basically remaster them on 1X if they want:

Kumakai1251d ago Show
TheCommentator1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Oh well. I tried. I guess he doesn't want to answer.

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Prince_TFK1251d ago

Keep beating that dead horse.

baril1251d ago

I think of the same lol

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paintedgamer19841251d ago

While this is an amazing feature i wish even sony would adopt, id rather info on new releases in 2018/19. Other game makers choose to remake or remaster older titles instead of the backwards compat route which isnt a big deal to me either as i rent my games through gf or redbox.

mcstorm1251d ago

I get what your saying but I'm there other way. Ide rather know what I'm getting in the next few months rather than what maybe out late on this year maybe next to then find out its been dropped.

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Kingthrash3601251d ago

Free renasters? The upgrades are for Xbox one x....people paid 500 for this

Yohshida1251d ago

yep, they also paid money for the TV, couch they sit on, House they live in etc. do you wanna add all up?

kayoss1251d ago Show
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Kiwi661251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

No, people paid $500 for the ability to play older games to go with the newer ones just like how people brought the PS4 Pro to play a better looking version of a game compared to the base PS4 , but some people have this illusion that the only games on xbox are the BC games

KillBill1251d ago

Guess what... the Xbox One and Xbox One S versions are improved play over originals too... just the Xbox One X will add even more enhancements for FREE. Too bad PS4 you have to wait for a complete remade game to come and then pay for it again.

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ErogeMaster1251d ago ShowReplies(2)
Gaming4Life19811251d ago

Please add and enhance ninja gaiden 2 and dantes inferno please. Also the mass effect trilogy remaster would be insanely great.

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