Secret of Mana PS Vita vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

Secret of Mana Remake has just been released for PS4 and PS Vita. The game has received ground up graphics upgrade comparing to SNES original, but what is more interesting this is another great game for Sony’s portable console. So let’s have a look on how the game graphics compare between the platforms.
Which one do you like better?

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TomatoDragon293d ago

Dead platforms don't continue getting games.

Lexreborn2293d ago

Weird how people been saying it’s dead the last 2 years plus on every new game that gets released for it.

Yohshida293d ago

^True. Indie and japanese devs really support the system. Sadly sony abondened it.

Neonridr293d ago

*niche games. Vita is still alive in Japan.. technically.

Wh1teLightning293d ago

Agreed. Still a lot good games that have come out in the last 2 years. Should tell Sony not to give up. There definitely onto something. The hardware just needs updated.

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hanko14293d ago

why bother comparing graphics, we already know which is superior between the two

Neonridr293d ago

@hanko14 - yet we saw a Fe comparison between the PS4 Pro and Switch. I made the exact same comment you did and you should have seen the disagrees I got.

CrimsonWing69293d ago

Woof... dat voice acting. I didn’t even realize the main character was talking at the beginning. If you’re going to have a dialogue heavy game can’t you at least animate the mouth opening and closing? It’s freaking 2018 not 1995.

Kosic293d ago

That's what I don't understand with games coming from the East. They just throw it to a piss poor acting studio, and let them put some really bad voice actors on it. I gave up on FF12, because of how bland the dialogue was, and how unprofessional the actors were too their roles. Some people just sounded like they were reading from a sheet of paper, no emotions, no believability. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (game I'm currently playing), has a little bit of the same issue, but luckily, a lot of the cast has some emotion that it corrects the faults.

one2thr293d ago

PSvita = Soooo much untapped potential.

bumbleforce293d ago

More high quality games for vita than switch

Yohshida293d ago

Vita is getting more games in general compared to the switch

Neonridr293d ago

are we serious? Besides, the devs already said they are looking at bringing this game to the Switch, but don't make me laugh with that comment. Switch has almost sold more than the Vita and it's been on the market for not even a year yet.

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