Sex, Love, and Relationships Can Make Pretty Much Any Game Better

"If there is one thing I have noticed when playing games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or Persona, it’s that stakes feel higher during battle when you’re side-by-side with characters you are invested in. Games that feature in-depth relationships, dialogue trees, and love interests have the ability to enhance a title’s gameplay, even if it may only be subconsciously." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Gh05t333d ago

"...even if it may only be subconsciously."
1: You wouldn't know it if it did (ie "subconsciously") so writing about it means it is not subconscious.
2: It can also have the opposite effect on people who are not like you.

Basically go back and rewrite the entire article and instead of the word "you" replace it with the word "I". Because the whole thing is an opinion and you are projecting your feelings onto a large group who I can guarantee doesn't all think the same way you do.

InKnight7s333d ago

If it Persona style I would say yes anything other than that it just applying "sex sell".

CDbiggen333d ago

I should probably read the article as they might be made a decent argument, but imo whenever I see that attempted in games I cringe my ass off.

GameBoyColor333d ago

dating sims rule the world, yall are just blind.