Star Wars Galaxies and City of Heroes Could Return if New Copyright Law Passes

A new DMCA ruling could see discontinued MMOs, such as Star Wars Galaxies, make a triumphant online return

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Goldby834d ago

Star wars galaxies has an Emu version. Already

bigmalky833d ago

Probably wouldn't matter seeing as it's a retro game. Kind of like how we can play all of the Star Wars games that came before EA took over the exclusive licence... Not that they'll have it much longer if they keep going the way they are.

Wh1teLightning833d ago

Wait people still want to play Galaxies ;o)

....I couldn't resist.

bigmalky833d ago

Please! I miss SWG.

Can't play the whole game on emu anyway, and it's impossible to get a hold of the game discs for later expansions for a decent price in the UK.