New video game literally a mind game

Willpower is set to replace fast fingers in a new video game in which players move characters through a headset that monitors their brain waves.

California-based NeuroSky Inc. showed off the new headset - named Mindset - at the Tokyo Game Show, the industry's biggest exhibition which opened near the Japanese capital Thursday.

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TrenchaunT3683d ago

There's been talk about these sort of mind-reading devices for some time, and they always have shortcomings. The article is too vague to really determine what the shortcomings will be, but I just thought of something else. I wonder if it can tell the difference between contemplation and action? What if a player thinks about doing something seriously, but does not yet want to do it? (like contemplating a series of moves in chess?)

RealityCheck3683d ago

Like you said the article is vague. They mention though that the device monitors if you are relaxed or tensed... which leads me to believe that it is just an on\off control. That company has made a lot of headlines lately, they must be hungry for capital.

micro_invader3683d ago

Looks like it has a lot of uses outside of video games, which is good.

I recall reading about something like this a few months ago, this guy was playing HL2 with his mind, lifting this box up and down depending on how much he focused. It looked pretty cool.

Sircolby453683d ago

Hmm I see one problem. Too many people that the signal might be a little weak on if you catch my drift lol.

IcarusOne3683d ago

This is simultaneously exciting and scary.

Peow3683d ago

Sucks for people with severe ADD...

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