Game Focus: Armored Core for Answer Review

Game Focus writes: "The Armored Core series has been around for a while and the game has seen its second PS3 release. With over 400 parts to customize your Mech the way you want it, 30 missions and 80 multiplayer battlefields this new Armored Core is a big step up this time around. In AC for Answer you are a mercenary who is in command of a high tech military robot who does missions for various factions battling other robots and various military forces, earning money and new equipment while building and designing new robots."

+ Fast and actually pretty fun
+ Customization is great, with plenty of options
+ Missions and levels are fairly varied
+ CGI scenes are impressive
+ Mechs are very well made
+ Voice over work is well done

- Levels are pretty ugly and basic
- Controls just never feel right at times
- Multiplayer felt a bit hinky

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