Modojo: Quantum of Solace DS Preview

Modojo writes: " It's been a while since we've seen a handheld James Bond game. Actually, the last one we remember is the Game Boy adventure James Bond 007. Aside from that, they've all been pretty tame. Fortunately, Daniel Craig's edition of James Bond looks to shake things up when he arrives in the Nintendo DS game Quantum of Solace, slated for release November 4th.

Unlike the console editions, the Nintendo DS version is strictly third-person and viewed from an isometric perspective. Bond remains on the screen at all times, as do his targets. The trick here, however, is the control scheme. Rather than just holding the system normally and using the d-pad and buttons, you turn it sideways and guide Bond and his actions using the touch screen. This means you direct the stylus around the screen to get him moving, while tapping to throw punches and fire his weapon."

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