Top 7 Worst Video Game Endings Ever

Sometimes, people don't want games to end because they are awesome. Other times, gamers are left scratching their heads at a sucky ending. Here are seven situations where things went horribly wrong by the conclusion. We're talkin' crash n' burn city!

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Wordzero337d ago

Skip it. Each games is on a separate page.

drunkenspy007337d ago

Thank you, though I see and I skip it anyway.

Goldby337d ago

I'm surprised Final Fantasy Xv isn't included

Sciurus_vulgaris337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

I absolutely hated the ending of Killzone 3. You commit genocide making yourself no better than the Helgasht.

Asuka337d ago

I mean it wasn't intentional tho...

337d ago
stefan_771337d ago

Kane and Lynch Dog Days and MGS 2

thehitman1398337d ago

Rly ms2 ??? I think ms2 was one of the best metal gears. So what you people got all pissy that you switched players half-way thru. The writing and story line was top notch!!!

stefan_771336d ago

I didn't mind the switch. I found the ending confusing and very hard to follow

Achamian337d ago

Can they at least write more than 3 sentences to give reason to their claims? Awful stuff. I actually remember being disappointed in Mirror's Edge by the end, but I don't recall why. Thanks to this article I still don't.

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