Bayonetta 2 Was Originally A Multi-Platform Game

When Bayonetta 2 was first announced many were less excited more livid at the fact it was a Wii U exclusive. Founder of PlatinumGames, Hideki Kamiya, went on Twitter to give a rough timeline about Bayonetta's survival and greenlit sequels.

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PhoenixUp247d ago

We already heard this story before

mikeslemonade247d ago

Should be PC and PS4 exclusive like Nier. Bayonetta 2 was disappointing. People who like it don’t know what a hack and slash genre should be.

Concertoine247d ago

IMO 2 isn't a disappointment, neither game is, but the competition to both of them has pretty much evaporated so it makes it harder to compare. I will still gladly get Bayo 3 day 1!

I think both games are held back by the quick time events. They're just lazy and DMC 4 already proved intense action games can remove quick time events and implement context sensitive options into combat in the same way. It sucks because in combo videos you can see both games have the potential to be the best combat games ever.

ChickeyCantor246d ago

So it's not a hack and slash because it''s not running on your preferred system?

You have to be pretty delusional.

Uken12246d ago

mikeslemonade, maybe you should switch to Kool Aid.
The game was ranked higher than most games ever.... Yet you say it's bad because it's exclusive. So stupid.

DJK1NG_Gaming247d ago

well duh when it was still a PS3 and X360 game before it was cancelled.
This is nothing new lol

darthv72247d ago

Bayonetta 2 gets green light from Sega but then problems arise at Sega so Nintendo stepped in to publish and in return Nintendo also gets a port of the first game. Nintendo and PG liked working together so Bayonetta 3 is also being published by Nintendo.

I'd love to see Nintendo help PG finish and publish Scalebound since MS walked away.

thatguyhayat247d ago

I hope so. Scalebound was the only xbox game i was looking forward to

Concertoine247d ago

Won't happen, MS still owns the IP even though it never released. Though they did renew the trademark on it which is a little weird.

Segata246d ago

MS owns the IP but how about VanQuish 2?