I Was Wrong About God of War

"The original God of War released whenever I was thirteen years old, which you would think is the perfect age to play a gory, mature, and quite frankly, badass video game. However, I just wasn’t very intrigued by it. I played a couple hours and it just didn’t resonate with me. Maybe it was because I was still deep in the trenches of Resident Evil 4, or maybe I was subconsciously being a Nintendo fanboy — looking for reasons to not like something on a rival platform (Yeah, kids are dumb). However, with how incredible the new (semi-reboot) God of War for PlayStation 4 is looking, I finally felt the urge to give the original God of War a second chance. Guys, I was wrong, God of War is f***ing awesome." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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PhoenixUp832d ago

I played through the entire God of War Saga when I preordered God of War: Ascension in 2013 and got the package deal as a bonus

UltraNova832d ago

GoW series are some of the best in gaming. Great fun. Who can forget the scene when Ares through a pillar from one side of Greece to the other impaling Kratos!! Damn that was some epic shit.

Cant wait for the new one...

Mr Marvel832d ago

...and who could forget Aphrodite's bed chambers. ;)

This series is awesome!

darthv72832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

The steeds of time... The scale and scope of everything is just epic. The series overall is just well crafted. I especially like how the camera gets close to you in certain parts and then zooms way back in others so you can take in all that is around you.

KaaF832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

Ah, the mash circle to watch the most boring and bland video game protagonist of all time gut something saga. Or at least he was the most boring one-dimensional one until Lightning showed up to fight him for that spot. Play DMC3 if you want a real game in that genre.

Ryuujinjakka832d ago

Back then I was like you, a DMC fanboy, a "combo elitist" lol. Then last gen I finally decided to get the GOW HD Collection and I changed my mind. Yes, DMC has a deeper combat system but GOW can be very technical on Titan mode and it has better boss fights. If you like Beat 'em all games, you should play both.

sulodaneji832d ago

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Imalwaysright832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

It might be a button masher but the brutality of those combos always managed to keep the combat fun for me and then you had puzzles and platforming to freshen things up. Awesome franchise and although I can see why some are worried that the formula has been changed in the new GoW, I trust Santa Monica to make it a worthy successor.

FallenAngel1984832d ago

My favorite thing about the series is how Kratos died in every numbered title and came back to life

I can’t think of many other main characters in gaming who die so many times it becomes inconsequential

UltraNova832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

Dying and respawning is a video game trope embedded in all gamers minds. So why raise this non-issue about a fictional game character who does the same always in context to the story presented in each game(he is a God afterall)?

Goku died multiple times, did it make the series any less interesting or inconsequential? Hell no it still racks in millions of views 30 years later!

FallenAngel1984832d ago

Did I say it was an issue?

Since when is admiring Kratos’ ability to defy death multiple times supposed to be something that’s criticized?

Also Kratos was a god in only one game, Ghost of Sparta. Every game he died in was when he was mortal, not omnipotent. Get your facts straight before coming at me like that.

AspiringProGenji832d ago

When people died in ancient greek they were sent to The underworld. They can be brought back. Gaia brought Kratos back when he died

UltraNova832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

Oh now your OG comment was a possitive remark on the GoW series?


Man you are a sensitive snowflake aren't you?

FallenAngel1984832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

@ Asp

I know I played through the entire series. Not just anyone could come back from the grave, Kratos is such a badass he makes a habit of it.

@ Ultra

Dude you must be out of your mind if you even thought I was making a negative remark about Kratos.

Idk what’s even your issue is trying to start ish with people over your misinterpretation Iof a comment, but buzz off

@ Mr Marvel

1.) Kenny doesn’t come back to life in every episode he dies in like Kratos

2.) Kenny didn’t originate as a gaming character

Mr Marvel832d ago

Kenny McCormick says f**k you!

RememberThe357831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

I don't know what these guys are on but I loved how death was just an other god Kratos was gonna stomp out on his way to vengeance. I loved the idea that death was just an other obstacle for him.

Ultra needs to find his way to his local weed man and take some of that edge off.

FallenAngel1984831d ago

@ Remember

What’s so absurdly awesome about Kratos only that he defies death on multiple occasions, he actually literally kills the very personification of death in the form of Thanatos in Ghost of Sparta

Hell even a disguised Zeus even called Kratos “Death, the Destroyer of Worlds”

Ultra is an ultrasensitive prude that tries to start arguments over baseless things, pay him no mind

RememberThe357831d ago

It's funny, there isn't a word for what Kratos does through the series. We can try to explain it, give exapmles, but he was so extreme in his fury and dedication that we don't even have an adjective to describe what he put himself and the Greek Pantheon through. Looking back, his story is so unique in it's nuances, I'm not sure I'll even experience a story like his again.

FallenAngel1984831d ago

Well he’s called the Ghost of Sparta for a reason. A woman even flung herself to her death rather than be saved by Kratos. It’s not like we don’t see how the world views his actions

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Elda832d ago

Hopefully he plays all 6 on the PS3 unless they have all 6 on PS Now. Imo they are all awesome.

SickSinceSix832d ago

God of War:Betrayal on Mobile makes 7

OB1Biker832d ago

Reading the author is playing on the Vita Id recommend Ghosts of Sparta. I think it works well on the handheld and really enjoyed it.

SamPao832d ago

its one of the best god of war games in my opinion.
Its also available on ps3.

darthv72832d ago

Chains of olympus wasnt too bad either.

Mr Marvel832d ago

I've really enjoyed every game in the series, but I think I'd rank them:
1. GoW II
2. GoW III
3. Ascension
4. GoW
5. Ghost of Sparta
6. Chains of Olympus.
I actually liked the combat in Ascension the most, but it just wasn't as Epic as the others.

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