GamerTM: NBA Live 09 Review

GamerTM writes: "It's that time of year again, when Electronic Arts roll out the latest updates to every one of their incredibly successful EA Sports titles. New stats, features, and graphical touches litter the bunch as they each stride a little closer to perfection. Or at least, that's the plan.

And while mistakes can and often are made, the NBA Live series has always remained the star of the pack, implementing the most ambitious of features first, before they are ultimately thrown to the rest of the once-yearly gang for general sporting consumption.

By now you know the drill, and know much of what to expect. Updated stats, perhaps the odd extra feature (like Madden's rewind function) and a bundle of new sweat beads running down each character's face. To the core player, little seems to change. Basketball is basketball."

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badz1493683d ago

which one is the best? I don't think anybody should buy every single one of them. but 3 same game on the same date is pretty insane!

pwnsause3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

-the inside has the life for those who are into sports stories, it plays in 1080p native, but the character models and the gameplay is very dated which kills the love of True HD gaming. Its like playing a High res PS2 game. Im really disappointed with San Diego Studios with that. Here they are, they have a very good AAA baseball game this year (MLB the show 08) and the ruin it with NBA 09 the inside. It had so much potential to become a great NBA game since its Sony's First Party Sports game, but they didnt take that to its full advantage.

-NBA live 09 is pretty good, the gameplay is there, its not broken, the character models look very life like, the crowd lags though. NBA live 09 adds that New DNA feature in which not only the player's Real Life NBA stats gets updated, but the way they played in reality effects the way you play in NBA live, which is really cool

-NBA 2k9, whats to say, gameplay is there as well, a bit better than NBA live 09 i should add. The graphics are there, but it lacks the feature that makes NBA live 09 pretty cool, which is DNA.

Overall, you the consumer wins as long as its not NBA 09 the Inside on the PS3, The Guys at San Diego Studios should start paying attention right now that the consumer doesnt want crappy sports games. I still cant believe how they just release a game as crappy as NBA 09:the Inside. They make great AAA games like MLB the show, which was awesome, but they need a lot of work on basketball games and in order for them to be alert on that, we the consumers must respond by not buying NBA 09: the Inside.