5 Titles That Critics Hated but Gamers Loved Pt. 2

A look at another five titles that were panned by critics but enjoyed by gamers.

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GamesMaster1982343d ago

I loved most of these also. i thought Silent Hill Downpour was great not 2 great but still good. I'm on playing though Nier now as loved Automata last year, but must admit it's also excellent but very frustrating in some part's

Relientk77343d ago

My friend has Pepsiman. It's entertaining and ridiculous lol

TedCruzsTaint341d ago

DN: Forever was decent. Shoddy gunplay, but there were a lot of cool elements to the game. Personally, I thought Downpour was an all around strong survival game. You can argue how its theme clashes with the series proper all you want, but it was a good horror game that still felt at home alongside the other releases. Postal 2 is just stupid fun. It's janky, and a mess at times, but still an overall solid game that is entirely self-aware that it's lowbrow and a bit garbage. It's just fun.

Haven't played the others.

darthv72341d ago

I just picked up the original Nier for PS3. Havent played it yet but it looked cool.

Tross341d ago

I've long since stopped giving critics the time of day. They can be spot-on, but far too often it seems like they're out of touch with what gamers think of games. I've also long since developed enough intuition that I can usually tell if I would enjoy a game before I buy it anyways without needing the help of critics.