Star Wars Battlefront 2 Getting Microtransactions Again Proves That EA Has Learned Nothing

Andrew from Xbox Enthusiast talks about EA, Star Wars Battlefront 2's rocky launch, and why the company should cut their losses and gain goodwill from consumers instead of reinstating microtransactions, which caused controversy for the company last year.

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Fist4achin248d ago

That is so awesome! I cant wait to pay...

The_Jackel247d ago

I see what you did there haha

UltraNova247d ago

But did you see what EA did there too? They have effectively tried their hand with the worst MT implementation possible,yet, (progression limiting MTs) and their only loss was 1 out 8 million lost on their initial sales projection. Hell, its not even a loss since they have probably made that money and then some from MTs!

They have effectively standardized pretatory MTs with minimal consequences.

Well done EA well done.


CaptainObvious878247d ago


Actually, it's well done to the utterly stupid filthily casuals for buying it without any thought of the consequences.

UltraNova247d ago

The tragic part on the the whole EA thing is that they own stellar devs like Dice and Bioware, slowly corruputing and assimilating them bit by bit into corporate puppets that have to implement every evil plan the suits come up to.

Michiel1989247d ago

@CaptainObvious So now you blame casuals for being casuals?
A friend of mine is not a die hard gamer but he loves everything about star wars, he just wants to have a good time in a star wars game and if he wouldnt pay for it he would likely never be able to play as the heroes he wants. So he won't mind spending some money on it (some =/ whale). Is he to blame for that now, for mindlessly giving the tyrant EA money? No, he just wants to have a good time and doesn't really care about people having p2w advantages. Is he to blame for the consequences of EA MT business? No ofcourse not, they are taking advantage of him in some way.

Its fucking obvious thats why casuals are named casuals mr captainfknobvious. You should rename yo captain Elitist with your attitude. You cant even put yourself in anyone else his shoes, you only deal in absolutes.

OB1Biker247d ago

1 he doesnt have to pay to play as the hero he wants. Thats got to be one of the most misinform bs Ive read
2 You cant pay anyway and havent been able since launch.

People having no idea what they are talking about is getting ridiculous here

Zabatsu247d ago

Thing is though, this will have future implications. 1 million in sales might not hurt this specific game or company, but it might ruin and intimidate others. This is the first real setback with MT. Do you think more people will accept MT with time? If anything, this proves that many people don't approve of MT and won't deal with it.

Me personally? I will never buy an EA game, ever again.

princejb134247d ago

i feel a little bad for the people who support EA games

JackBNimble247d ago

EA doesn't need to learn a dam thing, it's all you gamers who need to stop supporting EA if you don't like their practices.
What does EA need to learn anyway? They know their games are going to sell regardless.

But I am curious how many of you who jump on the hate train are still supporting EA by buying their games. It's easy to join the crowd and hate EA.... The last EA game I paid for was NHL16, and I play be a pro, I never go online, I don't buy EA games anymore. How many of you haters can actually say that.

Stop bitching and actually take a fucking stand.

indysurfn247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

UltraNova Why do you think they only lost 1 million in sales? They where planing to be bigger than GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 that is way more than 9 million ! It seems your a sheel trying to sound like your against EA But EVERY TIME YOU speak your saying they are smart the marketing speak!

EVERY TIME! You say there is nothing we can is here to stay....get used to it.
No we will fight back even harder. But the ultimate. Not buy EA PERIOD there are plenty of AAA games better than there's.

EA have done nothing but caused people to not buy there future games, They took a loss on the game that was going to be bigger than Grand theft auto and turned it into nothing more than a block buster.

Then they added MT (Micro transactions) BACK into it after people force them to take them out. They are to greedy to realize that peoples reaction will be they cant trust even games that start out with no mt to stay that way. So going forward I will not buy any EA games. ANY, unless half price used. My reaction is mild. What about the people that will pirate them for free on PC? Even that is mild, what about the people that will BREAK the code for everyone to pirate on the PC. In this cause I think people will see them as heroes.

fiveby9247d ago

@UltraNova The 8 million number you cite was EA's low-end estimate. They also had another number much higher than 8 million. EA purposely set a very wide range so they could meat nearly anything they forecast. And yet, they missed even their lower number by a significant amount. Everyone knows that EA did very poorly than what they expected to sell on BF2. I don't really see an upside on this for EA.

UltraNova246d ago


Ok the last EA game I bought was BF1, and that was used. The one before that was Dead space 3 and that was used as well. The only EA game I've bought at full price was Mass effect 2!
Let that sink in for a minute.


Did you? What? Damn dude lay off the coolaid for a bit.

EA will get their way unless we show them they cant, by boycotting their games and that's what I'm doing for years now! The fact that they are still bringing back MTs on a "tainted" product after all the Battlefront 2 backlash speaks volumes on the lousy job we did on getting our point accross.

And let me be clear, just because I often bring up the problem doesn't mean that I have or even be responsible for all the answers!

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bloop247d ago

Completely off topic here, but what the absolute fuck is going on with n4g now?? Very much appreciated you got rid of the whack a mole pop up video ads, but now every 20 seconds I'm getting redirected to a "congratulations you've won an iPhone X/Samsung Galaxy S8/10 million fucking dollars" bullshit site, not just as a pop-up but straight from the page I'm on. I've been using this site for almost 12 years now but that will stop very soon if this isn't fixed.

Fist4achin247d ago

It's been tough as the site has been buggy when accessing with a mobile device. I don't get the same stuff when I visit while on a laptop or tablet. Annoying...

Ciporta1980247d ago

Site is almost unusable on mobile at the moment.

WilliamSheridan247d ago

Poorly screened ads. I blame the site

Sgt_Slaughter246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Combine this with the spam comments that I see on at least 25% or more of articles posted here or accounts made specifically to approve articles by certain websites.

UltraNova246d ago

Yes N4G on mobile is a mess. I experience extreme slowdowns all the time(Galaxy S7) and my God these ads... doesn't anyone screen them anymore? Christopher, what the hell man?

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alecbsugar247d ago

WHY are we angry at Capitalists for being good at Capitalism? "Don't hate the players, hate the game." Ice T- "Hate the Playa".

Professor_K246d ago

They're so good at it they should just call themselves M A. Microtransaction arts

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fenome248d ago


Believe me, they've learned, they've learned a lot since last gen. They've learned how to make the most money off of the dumbest shit, and it works. I don't even blame them anymore, I just don't buy their bullshit. Unfortunately EVERYBODY else is learning this too and gimping our games because of it. Seen some shitty shifty trends in the industry this gen just dipping their toes in the water to see what gets wet. Can't wait for next gen, gonna have to mortgage my house just to play one game :/

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SharnOfTheDEAD247d ago

I can't begin to imagine how much money they made from those stupid Fifa packs year after year, you have to be a special kind of mug to drop £100plus for digital junk, I've seen those videos of people spending stupid money, kids too. I just don't get it

fenome246d ago

They're making over 3/4 of a BILLION dollars annually just off the Fifa stuff, it's insane! Over $800 million dollars last year, they made $650 million the year before that, these numbers are just ridiculous...

strayanalog248d ago

Microtransactions are never going away because sadly the door is too wide open now, but we can always prevent how much breeze comes through.
Not an inherently evil thing, microtransactions, and though I'll never support them I do believe if we are to continue to have them it should be used with the utmost care, as the author points out.
The best course of action will continue to be speaking up when not just EA, but any developer, tries to strong-arm the community with its vicious greed.‎

XiNatsuDragnel248d ago

They learnt nothing and will continue to do so I'm not buying anymore products supporting this vicious trend btw FighterZ > BF2

PapaBop247d ago

Honestly it all depends on what they do this time.. if they add a whole bunch of new cosmetic content , it wouldn't be so bad. Sadly we are just having to accept that microtransactions are always going to be a part of big publisher games, I mean who doesn't like money? If they add value as opposed to taking value from the base experience, they can work though. Still, this is an EA bashing article so knock yourself out, regardless of whether they implement them better this time around, F**k EA!

OB1Biker247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

nothing new in the article.
let all gamers focus their hate on swbf. Never mind all the other games that never stopped mt and never will.
The dark side theme is really fitting