Metal Gear Survive Pre-orders Live, Discounted to $31.99


"Pre-orders for the highly anticipated Metal Gear Survive on PS4 and Xbox One are LIVE at Amazon!"

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Rimeskeem252d ago

“Highly anticipated”

InKnight7s252d ago

either "highly paid" or "Highly trying to be cool by stating things against fans"

252d ago
XiNatsuDragnel252d ago

Lol that price and that tag lies full of lies don't buy gamers prove to thess companies that we aren't mindless titans

Tetsujin252d ago

Metal Gear with Zombies? I'll pass. Took longer to download the demo over actually playing it.

GamesMaster1982252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Hahah yeah because Kojima has never had Zombies or zombie looking and acting type things in his games has he. Pretty much every one of Kojima's MG'S game's have had so called Fing zombie's or the supernatural in.

gums007252d ago

Don't listen to all the extreme metal gear fan boys. This game is really fun, definitely worth the price point

Amyellevivv251d ago

This aint all about MG mate , this goes also about respect.

LOCO209252d ago

Easy pass.. At least for me..
Think Konami needs to feel the loss on this one.