CEMU 1.11.4 is now available to everyone for download, improves game compatibility

DSOGaming writes: "The team behind the best WiiU emulator, CEMU, has released a brand new version of it. This latest version of CEMU boots games that weren’t compatible before, like Mario Part 10, Art Academy: Atelier, Wii Party U and Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival."

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InTheZoneAC251d ago

But no one cares about the Wii u or its games according to every wii/switch owner who didn't own one

251d ago
1nsomniac251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

I took a break away from the Cemu scene a while ago & went back to it a week or two ago with the newest version but it had stopped working. Kept telling me I needed a WiiU system software update to run. With a new baby I just haven’t got the time to get back into it which is a shame because it was pretty good.

Cobra951251d ago

That's a bogus message. This is an emulator, and does not need a real-WiiU's update. It is entirely self-contained. It probably just means there's something awry with what you're trying to run on it.

1nsomniac250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

Since when is it self contained? Has that changed with the recent updates? How does that keep its legal status?

You needed to have some system files & also the keys. I just copied my old files into the newest version of Cemu. I know it’s a problem I’ve fixed in the past just haven’t got time to look at it these days. I will one day though.

Father__Merrin251d ago

tried this today, crashed the moment i hit start to get past the menu on nsmbu it did it every time il wait for a final stable version