Rushing vs. Taking Time

A frequent struggle for gamers is deciding between taking it slow and seeing the sights, or rushing through as quickly as possible to move onto something new. Let's look deeper into this internal debate.

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PhoenixUp253d ago

So many games, so little time

The more time I devote to one game is less time I have for others, so no more than ever I have to balance taking my time and enjoying everything there there is to for one particular title or breezing through it to enjoy as many games as I can

Fist4achin252d ago

For me it depends on the game. Some games holds my interest and i dont want them to end. Ill explore every area and try to accomplish everything i can in a game. The most recent for me was Prey in this regard. Then there are some games that just feel like an absolute slogfest and i cant wait to beat them or sometimes decide to stop wasting anymore time with it. Personally, i didnt care for Dragon Quest Heroes.

Elda252d ago

I liked DQH & DQH-2 though the ending boss in 2 was a nightmare & I didn't bother wasting anymore time trying to kill him. Though it's basically...different strokes for different folks.

Fist4achin252d ago

Fully agreed. Game on man!