X-Play: Far Cry 2 All Access Part 2 and 3

Part 2: Narrative Designer Patrick Redding brings you a breakdown of the characters and factions to be found in the eagerly awaited Far Cry 2.

Part 3: Technical Director Dominic Guay talks to X-Play about the technological innovations in Far Cry 2.

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DISCIPLE1113662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

If the gameplay n multiplayer is as good as the graphics it would no doubt b a 10/10 game, this is on my list right next 2 GeOW2, L4D, RE5, Alan Wake, and Dead Island. yay 4 next gen gaming!

LikAChicken3662d ago

I really want to get into the multiplayer aspect. The map-making seems crazy.
And I wished L4D came out for PS3. I would have rather got that then Dead Space to be honest.

DISCIPLE1113662d ago

hell yeah ill rent dead space but l4d is a 1st day buy or 1st day steal 4 me.