Sony Surveying Users on Potential PSN Name Changes

Push Square: "Sony is sending out a survey on PlayStation Network name changes. An anonymous tipster forwarded us an email from the platform holder regarding the oft-requested functionality, in which the manufacturer ponders whether “gamers are interested in the feature or not”. Surely it only needs to read the comments section of virtually every video game website to come to a conclusion on that?"

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corroios249d ago

Nice need to change name.

PhoenixUp249d ago

Why put out a survey for a feature people have been asking for years?

Fortunately I’m okay with my username for the past 11 years, but other people wouldn’t be

DemoIishor249d ago

Companies need hard data to justify taking on something and a survey is a very fast and comprehensive way of obtaining that data. They're probably well aware people want it; they just needed something concrete to prove it to the investors/heads/etc.

subtenko249d ago

The disagree on your post is some idiot who doesnt understand business.

They cant just do anything and everything. It takes people, time, and money to get stuff done. If 2million out of 72 million PS users want a name change and it cost lets say $50 million...IT WOULD NOT MAKE SENSE and that money and time could be spent on making playstation even better than some username change.

They dont just flick a switch after hitting ctrl+f to find your username. and quite frankly if that hypothetical situation up there seems like a name change is worth in in that case then we want you out of the PlayStation fanbase....go play xbox where you can change your name and the company and money are mismanaged.....

thorstein249d ago

subtenko. This survey is fake.

If companies need hard data, then perhaps this company should use the feature listed here:

This feature of SONY's official blog should pretty much give them all the information they need. Why would they need to offer a poorly written/ worded survey through a third party?

DarXyde249d ago

Except Sony mentioned that they're working on it, did they not?

Why work on something in advance and suddenly need to justify it with a survey? That's a waste of resources.

It sounds to me like they just weren't working on it and are now doing something.

rainslacker249d ago

I've noticed surveys from Sony usually come with an announcement not too long later. It's probably more a way to determine how big a deal to make in the marketing....and possibly if they should charge for it or something.

Sony said a while ago they were working on it so there is no real reason to send out a survey to ask if people wanted it or not to determine if they should do it.

Or of course, it's a fake survey. An anonymous source sent a email from Sony? Likely you'd see more talk about it without all the cloak and dagger stuff if its an official email from Sony.

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thorstein249d ago

Seems phishy to me. We already have a feature on that allowed users to ask for features and then have the community vote on them. This was Number 2 after Folders, I believe.

How SONY wouldn't be aware of the wish to change our names sounds very odd. Especially since they had an official answer a few years back.

Nyxus249d ago

PlayStation Voice was the same thing that sent out the survey on the PS5:

But they aren't official.

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