Kasai just made a smoking hot cosplay of Katarina from “League of Legends”

"I just found out about a really awesome cosplayer called Kasai, and good thing that. You see, just recently she made a truly epic and sexy cosplay of Katarina from League of Legends". - Robin Ek, TGG

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TheOttomatic91984d ago

Mmmmm me likey, another job well done Overlord 👍

TGG_overlord984d ago

@Glemt "Yeah, well, if it's a matter of taste those comments claiming she's not hot are just as correct as you saying she is. :) Personally, I don't care either way : )"

- People can think what they want really, but I find her to be cute and attractive.

TheOttomatic91984d ago

Relax Overlord they are most likely SJWs who only find grotesque land whales attractive.

TGG_overlord984d ago

xD I bet ;) I also think that it's pretty cool that she does a lot of cosplays that most people don't do (such as her Bowser cosplay, for example).

eyeDEVOUR983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

WHEN DID WE GET TO KNOW REGULAR BITCHES ON A SINGLE NAME BASIS? To each his own tho.. if you need a cartoon bish to pretend like another bish then... well, that's on you. To hell with a pretend bish.. No tears ever heard of till white knight/betas showed up.. Please beta's..take them all.. Shame she cant even pretend to be a regular