Talisman (PC, 360, PS3) Cancelled

The video game adaptation of Talisman has sadly been cancelled as reported by Capcom Senior Director of Strategic Planning Christian Svensson:

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Internet Trolling Ex3710d ago

It's due to the DVD9 technology found exclusively on the failbox

Gam713710d ago

if it was down to dvd then they would just cancel the pc and 360 versions... oh wait you're one of them.

these aren't the droids you're looking for.

ZackFair3710d ago

Never really heard of this, no loss lol.

JonahFalcon3710d ago

Because YOU have never heard of it?

How do you know if it's "no loss" if you've never heard of it?

Jamegohanssj53710d ago

Funny is how I was going to ask the exact same thing.


JonahFalcon3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Talisman is an extremely popular fantasy board game, probably the most best selling after Cosmic Encounter.

Dino3710d ago

that would have been some fun DLC...oh well.

JonahFalcon3710d ago

Yeah, the Dragon pack, the Tower pack, the City pack, etc , etc.

The_Kills3710d ago

they care about the 3 people who were going to purchase this game. Seriously wtf is this and who really cares?

JonahFalcon3709d ago

Because no one bought Catan, UNO, etc on XBLA, right?

Dino3709d ago

says the guy who has a Haze avatar.

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