Is Marvel vs. Capcom Dead?

The future of Marvel vs Capcom looks bleak. Is there hope for a comeback?

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FallenAngel1984256d ago

This is one of the greatest crossover franchises in any medium

For the love of god I hope not

diyamu254d ago

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Silly gameAr254d ago

It's dispatches.cheat. Don't take seriously.

FallenAngel1984254d ago

Of course I don’t take this site seriously

Just look at what most of their thumbnails they use for the majority of their articles consist of

Godmars290255d ago

Xmen need to be put back in. Doom if not the Fantastic Four.

DivineAssault 255d ago

Yes it is and capcom can only blame themselves.. Theyre making a comeback through.. Hopefully they sweep this game under the rug and focus on a true sequel MvC 4 done right.. The combat in this one was really good though.. Just so ugly with a crappy roster and awful voice acting

Servbot41254d ago

To be fair to Capcom, its hard to do anything with the boring lineup of the MCU-only characters when a lot of them don't have much in the way of powers. Everything else though; from the Capcom side being full of reused assets and garbage characters like Spencer, to ugly graphics, to day-zero DLC are ALL on Capcom.

Godmars290254d ago

Yes. Be fair to the company that made SFV PS4 exclusive then screwed over consumers with a half completed game so it could be in the pro gaming circuit.

And then there was MML3...

Just saying, Capcom is bipolar as F**k.

Last_Boss255d ago

Presentation & character is always key.

Belinker300255d ago

The art style was atrocious,dragonball z was better looking

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The story is too old to be commented.