Throwback Thursday - The F.E.A.R. factor

So for this Throwback Thursday, the newest member of the FULLSYNC team brings you a retrospective review of one of his favourite games, F.E.A.R.

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PUBG340d ago

This game had some moments that really made me jump out of my seat. FEAR2 was pretty good too, but FEAR3 was garbage.

rockwhynot340d ago

Fear is one of the best games ever. Single player was incredibly memorable and multiplayer was too sweet. Still trying to get through Perseus Mandate, that dlc is hard! The AI are too cunning.

BenRoxio340d ago

Trendsetter in those days!

paintedgamer1984340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

I first played it at a friends house on the 360 and remember being blown away... i then bought it for my ps3 and instantly realized how shit ps3 ports were back then in the 1st 3 years for the platform. It was terrible. Almost like a ps2 version compared to the 360 one.. and im a ps guy... great memories

Cajun Chicken340d ago

First two games were amazing. Started loving Monolith during this series and Condemned.