PS3 Evolved - Silent Hill Homecoming Review

Welcome home! Silent Hill is back with a vengeance in the newest installment of the franchise, Silent Hill Homecoming. There was always something a little different about Silent Hill compared to other survival horror games. The atmosphere, the psychological tension and the constant fear all contributed to the absolute horror of these great games. Now with new American developer, Double Helix, let me be the first to tell you, it's all here.

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Genesis53710d ago

Played it, finished it and loved it. Lent it to a buddy and he's going to have a go at it now.

AngryHippo3709d ago

i love the other SH games especially number 2, but im hearing a mixed bag of reviews for this one.

Raz3709d ago

Ok, I got it - only because SH2 pulled me in, and hope springs eternal; because SH4 pissed me off with how stupid it was, and got traded in.

I'm liking it better than #4. So it's already off to a good start. Very creepy, great music, better controls, a similarly compelling storyline with plenty of gruesome ambience. But I find myself increasingly frustrated with the lack of an 'Easy' difficulty setting, one which perhaps would offer more than a single ammo drop every 2 hours.

I get it, of course - the developers want you to use the new hand-to-hand fighting system, primarily. Which would be fine, except it's too damn clunky to use effectively. Works ok until you're facing off against 5 enemies at the same time, or a boss.

Classic game design mistake: games are supposed to be FUN, not work. If I end up throwing the controller at the TV in frustration because your game is too damn hard to fail.

To be fair, I haven't finished the game. If I do, that's a passing grade in itself. But I'm getting increasingly frustrated with it... >_<

FrustratedFury3709d ago

I understand what you mean. I'm the one who reviewed the game(I didn't post this on N4G.) I do have to say, I should have put how it can get frustrating at times with the new combat. They made the combat easier but to counter that, they throw about 4 enemies at you at a time. I liked the fact that there isn't as many mind numbing puzzles to do like in the previous titles.