Gal Gun 2 Banned in Germany

"To those following recent USK ratings, it might not come as too much of a surprise to hear that Gal Gun 2 has been banned in Germany. Or, moreover, it's been refused a rating by the USK, Germany's age rating body, meaning that the game effectively cannot be sold anywhere in the country."

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FlyingFoxy2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

With all the sexual stuff in anime and anime games, I guess it's not too surprising some countries would be offended by it.

Much of it is mostly suited to the teen/adult audience anyway with all the adult themes. A lot of Ecchi stuff is basically borderline porn too.

ClanPsi12299d ago

Wait, isn't Germany where all the sh*tting porn comes from? Why would they ever have a problem with panties? o_O

Parasyte2299d ago

Germany is really bad about censoring video games.

Cobra9512299d ago

What a revolting notion. I'd question the mental condition of anyone turned on by watching that.

Vits2299d ago

Well, Germany has always been more sensitive about games. But considering that the first Gal Gun did received a rating, I imagine that this refusal caught the publisher by surprise.

rainslacker2299d ago

Shame. Despite the odd and awkward premise of the first game, it actually was a pretty solid and fun light gun type of game....which is sorely lacking in the past couple of generations. Got it through PS+ and really enjoyed it. Luckily my wife enjoyed it too, so I don't have to play it in secret, because it is quite lewd at times.

Knushwood Butt2299d ago

Free on Plus in which country?

rainslacker2299d ago

Us. Was maybe around. 6 months ago.

Either that or I got it really cheap in a sale.

Mulando2299d ago

Stop the missinformation. Getting no USK rating isn't banned. Getting on the index is banned. You could still buy this shitty game if you want, but only through asking the vendor, who than checks if you're above 18.
If it had an USK rating, the game can be presented in the shop.
This is a big difference.

DaveyB2299d ago

It's a technicality. If it doesn't get a USK rating, Sony and Steam, Nintendo and Xbox won't allow you to release the game on their platform in that territory. So it won't appear on PSN, or eShop for example. it's effectively banned.

Importing is the only way around it.

Mulando2299d ago

If those shops (steam etc) would include an "above 18"-section and check if you're really 18+, then they could still offer it.
But as Steam, PSN, xbl and so on are available also for kids, it is just not possible.
It is like steam would offer porn-games in the US without checking if you are really old enough to watch them.
Nothing else.
The difference is just, if it had an USK 18 label, it can be visible placed in the shelf and kids can at least watch the product (pictures of the product) and maybe buy it because the vendor doesn't check how old you are.

Easier workaround, don't make a game with half-naked to naked kiddy looking characters (and I really have a problem with that look), even if it is anime style.


The ultimate bundles for “Gal*Gun Double Peace” and “Gal*Gun 2” is now available in EU and NA

Today, it is with great pleasure that PQube and Inti Creates release one bundle each for their notoriously lewd rail shooters Gal*Gun Double Peace and Gal*Gun 2.

Overflowing with fan-favourite DLC, both bundles are a dream come true for fans of the genre and are now available digitally in Europe and North America.

CatCouch1473d ago

I played a little of Double Peace, but did not really dig in. I imported the first one on PS3 and played the hell out of it.
Maybe these bundles can get me back in.

TGG_overlord1473d ago

Indeed ;) Oh? I'm sorry to hear it -_- I'm glad to hear that at least. Sure, go for it ;)


Demons have invaded your school in Gal Gun 2

Since the angels and demons aren't allowed to fight, it's up to you to free the girls of your school from demon possession in Gal Gun 2.

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Gal Gun 2 Gets Up Close And Personal With Doki Doki VR DLC

Things have gotten a little steamier for Inti Creates hot and heavy arcade shooter Gal Gun 2. Publisher PQube today announced that the Doki Doki VR DLC is now available on Steam, allowing pheromone-flinging players to experience the over-the-top action like never before.

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