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Rules of Survival Update : ROS Latest Updated Features

ROS Update: I know all of you are waiting for Latest Rules of Survival update. Because in Latest version Many of Bugs Error removed and new features come.Rules of Survival is a game of Adventure and shooting.In this game player mission is to survive the fight and kill other by saving yourself.This game was released.In this Rules of Survival Update Come lot of new features which is very helpful for game players.Last update was released on 31 January and This update was released on 7 February 2018.This Rules of Survival updated everywhere according to every country timing.

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Community2320d ago
Surjit2320d ago

ROS Patch Notes I am waiting for a many day Rules of Survival update, Many New features in added and any small bugs Removed Awesome..

somlevemle2319d ago

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Paulbarker2319d ago

This game was released.In this Rules of Survival Update Come lot of new features which is very helpful for game players.


Obsidian CEO responds to worries Xbox could shut them down, too: 'I'm not worried about tomorrow'

A gray cloud loomed over this year's big summer game showcases: Over 16,000 game developers have lost their jobs since 2023, many of whom were casualties of success at companies that reported huge profits this year. One of the largest cost cutters has been Xbox, which in January cut 1,900 jobs at Activision Blizzard and in May shut down four studios: Tango Gameworks, Arkane Austin, Alpha Dog Games, and Roundhouse Games. The closure of Tango was taken especially hard, as the studio was still basking in the light of Hi-Fi Rush, a critical and commercial success by all of Microsoft's metrics.

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Community8h ago
SimpleSlave7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I mean, you should be. Because we now know and understand that even if Avowed is a hit it doesn't mean the studio is safe.

I hope that they're able to buy out their own Studio, like Toys for Bob's did, maybe some of their IPs as well, and go the Larian Studios route instead. We still need a sequel to Alpha Protocol after all. So here's hoping for the best.

Listen to your leaders, rather, good luck!

Einhander19727h ago

Ok, fair enough.

As much as we all want another Alpha Protocol only Sega can make that happen.

porkChop6h ago

Honestly, it would be pretty cheap to get the IP rights from Sega. They've done nothing with it and weren't interested in a sequel. But I'd be fine with just a spiritual successor that builds on what they were trying to do with AP.

SimpleSlave6h ago

It's all good.

But to be fair, while SEGA does own the IP and Published the game, it was Obsidian who created the IP and helped bring it back from the dead. So it's only fitting that they should be the ones to work on a proper sequel. And hopefully with a proper budget this time around.

My point is that I want them to stick around for this to happen. But on the current position they're in, things are bleak is all I'm saying.

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shinoff21836h ago

I would imagine. They've been around for awhile.

Hotpot5h ago

Well I mean, even if he's actually worried there's no way he'll say that publicly..

just_looken4h ago

na this team tossed out the outer worlds grounded that both made money and they have outer worlds 2 on the back burner sense 2021

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Lightning777h ago

Of course they're gonna feign confidence. They're about to release a game so they wanna look strong as possible. I know for a fact they're deathly afraid, I would be to and they absolutely should be.

I'm afraid for them right now. MS can't be trusted.


Keep supporting MS people and Xbox, they clearly do not care as you can see with all these closures. You want to hurt Xbox and MS just boycott their next console.

BeHunted6h ago

Sony has closed down more game studios this generation than the number of new IPs they've created

Moegooner5h ago

Sony didn't buy studios, just to shut them down. Smart ass

porkChop6h ago

If we boycott everyone that closed down studios we wouldn't own a PS or Xbox, and would only play indies on Steam.

PRIMORDUS6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

If we boycott and let them know the reason why they would have to listen. Stop closing game studios they should have never been closed to begin with. I keep saying this but MS is worth 3 trillion!! They do not have to close anything. They will make money no matter what even without closures.

Nacho_Z7h ago

You have no choice other than to crack on and hope for the best.

phoenixwing4h ago

Glad someone gets it. What is doom and gloom going to accomplish for the studio? Nothing. That's why he said what he said.

Reaper22_6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

I'm not worried at all. Obsidian are are awesome devs and I'm looking foward to Avowed.