Best Alternative Games For PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

If you want to play more battle royale games apart from PUBG, here are the best and alternative games similar to PUBG for PC and smartphones.

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Cyborgg307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Fortnite Battle Royale at the moment. There's a rumor that the upcoming Battlefield will have a PUBG mode. I hope Sony develop a new Socom with this mode but still have a Single player mode.

BotaNicaEpica307d ago

Before I go to bed after playing pubg, I play ros first :D

AnubisG306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Oh, most of the FPS and TPS games will in the future have a battle royal mode so there will be plenty to choose from in the next two years I'm sure of that.

Also, why would anyone play PUBG? The Chinese have ruined it. They constantly cheat and I'm not saying this because I have a problem with Chinese people. I don't. But the cheaters IP's were traced back and 99.9% comes from China.

Plus, it's an incomplete game.

Fishy Fingers306d ago

Have you played it? Seems to be a repeat question but rarely from anyone with any hands on time. Why would you play any game? Usually because it’s fun and PUBG delivers that in spades. I think being the number one game on Steam speaks for itself in that respect.

nowitzki2004306d ago

Some might not ever see PUBG greatness because of the hate they might have for the game.. But when Battlefield gets a BR.........