Fire Emblem Flower of Enchantment Arranged Metal Album Announced

'Fire Emblem Flower of Enchantment is the second arranged music album for Fire Emblem. This time around the theme is "session", with the music taking on metal arrangements. Previously Faith & Engagement arranged music from the series in a "piano" theme.'

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2302d ago

More Details On New Fire Emblem and Screenshots Leaked

A brand new mainline Fire Emblem is reportedly in development and a set of screenshots and details have leaked online for it.

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New Fire Emblem Screenshots And Details Leaked

Nintendo is reportedly working on a brand new Fire Emblem game that has been leaked in the form of screenshots and some other details.

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ZeekQuattro710d ago

Believable. Nintendo does like to sit on games sometimes for different reasons no matter how silly they end up being. Just look at Advance Wars. Zero excuses for that game to be delayed indefinitely. Not sure how I feel about that two toned hair though. Hopefully the final build looks better than these leaks.

phoenixwing710d ago

Day one. Was hoping for another one.

CrimsonWing69710d ago

Man, this is what I wanted! Not the Dynasty Warriors spin-off! So glad this is a thing!

H9710d ago

This looks quite good, but this
"New “Emblems” gimmick allows players to summon “FE characters from the past” for your squad."

This is not it cheif

PapaBop710d ago

Damn.. Gust have came a long long way since I was hooked on Ar Tonelico back in the PS2 generation.

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The History of Fire Emblem Part 3: Flickering Embers

The third part of our Fire Emblem series, covering the weakening sales and the eventual, albeit temporary, return to Japanese exclusives.

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CrimsonWing69822d ago

Honestly, one of the greatest series of all time, in my book

Zeldafan64822d ago

Sold my copy of Path of Radiance 2 years ago. Don't think I'll ever sell my copy of Radiant Dawn.