Advance Wars & Fire Emblem: Why One Succeeded and One Faltered

Advance Wars is a strange series with a history of massive critical acclaim, only for it to disappear for over a decade.

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mynameisthumper416d ago

maybe this is a hot take, but AW is better than FE imo.

thorstein416d ago

I love both, but I was unaware that AW failed. 10 years of a game doesn't seem like it faltered to me.

mynameisthumper416d ago

whether it failed or not, I still play dual strike, and my original cart will never leave my 3ds! while I'm excited for the reboot, I wish DS was included in some way, and ngl but if any game series is worthy of the HD2D graphical style that octopath, star renegades, and othe games are doing these days, it's def AW

Godmars290416d ago

Meme-able hero characters?

FallenAngel1984416d ago

One had playable characters in Super Smash Bros and the other didn’t

416d ago
ZeekQuattro416d ago

Waifu's & husbandos saved Fire Emblem. Its why FE Heroes generates more money than any other of Nintendo's 1st party mobile entries and why the sales of the 3DS and Switch entries performed so well. People gotta have those bikini clad variants of Rhea, Dorothea or Byleth after all. lmao I would like to say it was because of gameplay updates like casual mode or being able to be more hands on with how each character develops over time but I know the aforementioned waifu's is the biggest reason. I hear enough about it from my friends and when I venture online. lol

I myself started playing Advance Wars and Fire Emblem around the same time on the GBA. I ended up preferring Fire Emblem as I grew up playing RPG's with that similar medieval theme. When it comes to Advance Wars I liked Days of Ruin on the DS the best as I liked its darker tone and setting but that performed so poorly that it caused the IP to go dormant for 12+ years. Something that would of happened to Fire Emblem if not for Awakening taking off. Awakening was an aptly named title as it certainly got people to wake up and buy a FE game. The one before FE Awakening titled Shadow Dragon sold about as well as Days of Ruin leading Nintendo to issue a warning about future of FE entries should Awakening fail. I'm glad it didn't come to that. I just hope people buy the remake of Advance War 1 & 2 because it will probably be another lost decade if they don't. Just saying. Nintendo is clearly not afraid to drop support for its IP's if sales are not up to snuff. Being critically acclaimed is great and all but in the end Nintendo is more worried about sales.

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