PS Plus vs. Xbox Games With Gold: Which Free Games Win February?

PS Plus and Xbox Games with Gold continue 2018 with some decent offerings in February, but there's one clear winner this month.

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PhoenixUp346d ago

When both services are only putting out somewhat decent offerings, who cares which one is better?

blackblades346d ago

Who cares in general, take these crappy opinion pieces to forums. Vs this vs that.

346d ago
Princess_Pilfer345d ago

Especially when they're NOT free. They're paid. Calling them free is buying into a bullshit framing trick used to make the "service" (they don't actually provide anything you couldn't already get for free somewhere else anyways) look better.

Princess_Pilfer345d ago

No, they aren't. You pay for a service. You're getting them is DIRECTLY tied to you continuing to pay for that service, if you stop not only do you stop getting them, you lose access to the onces you previously had.

They're not free. They're a part of a paid subscription service. A subscription service that is nothing more than a paywall holding online play hostage despite the fact that you already pay for your internet.

Not only that, but your're paying for games you likely *wouldn't have bought if you weren't being forced and have virtually 0 market value.* Why do I say this? Well all the "free" games are 6 months old or older, *well* after the sales for almost every game trickle down to nothing, and I know you likely would never have bought it because you already haven't bought it 6+ months after release when the sales of games are almost non-exsistant, and because the sales of such games are so low the chances that any random gamer buys the thing after a certain point also approach 0 (never actually hit 0, there is some chance you'd have bought it, just not a big one.)

It's the company erecting a paywall for no reason other than that they can (you already pay for your internet) and providing "free" goods that have virtuallly no value to them anyways in order to falsify a sense of value in the service.

IamTylerDurden1346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

I agree with the article, PS+ is the better selection this month.

Rime is a great get for PS+, Knack is a AAA that ppl always clamor for on plus, and Grand Kingdom is a solid RPG on PS4. Three good PS4 offerings particularly Rime which is a well known, highly rated and fairly recent game.


ACC India is a decent little game but in reality it's 1/3 of what easily could've been given (the ACC collection) and it's basically a 5-$10 bite sized game. Shadow Warrior is a fun game from Wild Hog, PS+ received it a while ago, but now that the sequel is out it really doesn't hold as much value as it did.

PS+ has just been better over the past couple months with Deus Ex, Batman, Rime, and Knack. Tbh, PS+ has been generally very good over the past several months. Games like MGSV, Deus Ex, and Rime are superb additions to the lineup.

Weeblordbad346d ago

Knack 2 has also been released, wouldn't that the also negate it's "value"? Whatever value even means in the case of games being offered as part of a service.

yomfweeee346d ago

Knack isn't a AAA title. People wanting Knack just started to be a running joke because people didn't even want to pay less than $10 for that game.

I think both offerings are lackluster this month.

chaos-emeralds345d ago

Yeah, knack is crap. Even my kids got bored of it quickly.

IamTylerDurden1345d ago

Knack actually is a AAA title and ppl have been crying for both Knack and Shadowfall (on PS+) for years. In fact, it was a "Sony doesn't give AAAs on PS+ criticism". Ppl would cry that Sony gives too many indies and they would ask for Knack (bc it's AAA) month after month.

Strafe345d ago


Knack is dogshite, and so is Shadowfall which is the worst game in the series, it was awful. I'd rather have something else than Knack, it's dire. Rime is something I've wanted to play though so I don't mind, swings and roundabouts and all that.

yomfweeee345d ago

No it isn't AAA in any way. It literally had no attributes of one.

It didn't have a massive budget.
It didn't have hardly any promotion.
It wasn't expected to sell great.
It wasn't high quality.
It wasn't reviewed great.

S2Killinit346d ago

PS+ has been “better” for a while now. Personally i dont think there is much of a difference even when people were fussing over games i was just happy to get something new.

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