It’s Time to Bring Back Perfect Dark

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Microsoft has been hard at work over introducing their newest game service, the Xbox Game Pass, showcasing their upcoming releases as well as prepping for what they state will be a promising and rewarding experience for this year’s E3 festivities. The positivity as of late surrounding Microsoft shouldn’t go unnoticed, but they have been playing catch up for quite some time and they need an added boost to really get things going, which is why it is the perfect time to go back and reintroduce a classic IP and bring out the Perfect Dark franchise to the Xbox One."

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maybelovehate254d ago

Would love to see The Coalition have a go at Perfect Dark

Sciurus_vulgaris254d ago

There was the leak by an insider (with proven credibility) that Perfect Dark is being rebooted with the Coalition assisting development. I still have my finger crossed for the franchise to return. Both Phil Spencer and Ken Lobb mentioned rebooting Perfect Dark several years.

morganfell254d ago

But it needs to be a Perfect Dark sequel or reboot. Not this silly teen girl take MS brought out for the 360 launch. Atrocious. I long since sold that game but love the original digital Perfect Dark uprezzed version on the 360.

The Wood254d ago

There's a few titles ms should bring back

TheCommentator254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

I agree, Morganfell, but part of the reason Perfect Dark sucked so bad is that it was in development for Gamecube before MS bought Rare. Porting it to OG Xbox began, and in the middle of the porting to OG, MS switched it up to the 360. Technically speaking, even though it was in development forever, it went through most of it just altering base code to work on other HW.

With that said, I'd like to see an open world game (possibly resembling Watchdogs?). It would be bonkers if Playground turned out to be making something like this, considering their pedigree with open world racing, but I'm pretty sure their other studio is working on the next Fable.

Bobafret254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

I thought Black Tusk was a much better name than something so dreary as "The Coalition". All the charm of an Excel spreadsheet. But yes, would love to see this happen.

Leila___254d ago

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Professor_K253d ago

Hell YEAH. One of my favorite devs working on PD.

cha0sknightmare254d ago

I hope so. I think there is a lot of value and potential in the IP.

Xenophon_York254d ago

Could make one helluva an exclusive for Switch

TheCommentator254d ago

Go play with your cardboard accessories if you want Switch exclusives.

FancyMudkip253d ago

Nintendo's worst mistake is letting Rare being sold to Microsoft...

Ciporta1980254d ago

Original perfect dark on N64 was amazing.

EazyC254d ago

Yeah amazing game. God I hope they do N64 Classic, my one broke yonks ago! Such great splitscreen memories

sk8ofmnd254d ago

Ms doesnt seem to care about reviving older ip's. When was the last time they did?

sk8ofmnd254d ago

K.I. launched on xb1 Nov 22 2013... That was over 4 years ago. What im saying is they have a treasure chest of games from the og xbox and 360 gen that could be revived yet gamers are still waiting.

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The story is too old to be commented.