The Nintendo Switch Still Has Three Guaranteed Silver Bullets To Come

As gamers head deeper into 2018, it’s hard to picture how Nintendo can possibly keep up the insane momentum it had in 2017.

Specifically, Nintendo has three silver bullets left to be released for the Switch that will almost assuredly be great and at the very least, sell a ton of copies. Nintendo has not announced two of these, but these games will arrive at some point, albeit perhaps not this year.

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253d ago
The 10th Rider253d ago

2D Mario is possibly their biggest series. You can guarantee one's coming out for Switch. It's crazy the article doesn't mention one.

Pokemon we already know about

Mario Kart 9 is pretty much guaranteed. Since the Switch combines Nintendo's handheld and home console markets they likely don't have to develop another Mario Kart for a handheld. Considering Mario Kart 8 originally came out in 2014 I wouldn't be surprised to see an original Mario Kart for Switch in 2019 or 2020.

Smash Bros I'm not so sure about. I'm sure we'll get one but I wouldn't be shocked if it was called "Smash for Switch" and it was more of a Smash 4.5 than a Smash 5.

Animal Crossing is a pretty big series. I could easily see an Animal Crossing hitting 10 million sold.

Nintendogs also actually has quite a bit of sales potential (24 millions sold on DS, the 3DS sequel was a launch title without much imrpovement but it still crossed 4 million). If they really iterated on it and made one making full use of the Switch's features it'd likely hit 10 million as well.

CorndogBurglar253d ago

Smash Bros 5 will be made. Switch is their flagship system now. You're insane if you think they won't make a proper Smash for it.

"Smash fo Switch" and just make it Smash 4.5? I could see them putting out the same Smash Bros they did on 3DS with all the DLC. But they will make a Smash Bros 5 also. Its one of their big franchises. They would be crazy not to.

smashman98253d ago

I don't think he's saying smash 5 won't happen. Rather I believe he's saying that it's unlikely we will get it so soon after what is likely to be an enhanced port of smash for Wii u and that if you think about the amount of time the next game is likely to spend in development then they'll probably do the smart thing and save it for the super switch or whatever.

The 10th Rider253d ago

Eh, I don't think it would be labeled as a port of the previous game. What I think is that it would be built off of the previous game. Melee was different from 64, Brawl was different from Melee, 4 was different from Brawl . . . but I wouldn't be surprised if the next one merely used the 4th game as a base and refined it and built more off of it, rather than designing the game from the ground up. They could reuse 80-90% of the content and add plenty of new content and then release it as the next entry to the series.

CorndogBurglar252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Okay. But why do you think they would do that when they haven't done that before?

The 10th Rider252d ago

For Smash Bros? Sakurai had health problems during Smash 4, game development takes more time than ever before, any substantial changes to gameplay would require re-balancing a massive roster, etc . . .

I don't necessarily think that's what they will do, I just wouldn't be shocked if they made essentially a Smash 4.5 and that's what we got for Switch. Basically ballooning development time and Sakurai's increasing reluctance to work on the series are two major issues that can't be pushed aside much longer.

T1125P253d ago

Maybe Metroid Prime 4 this year? That would be awesome if they released it during November.

The 10th Rider253d ago

Metroid historically isn't much of a heavy hitter. A new DK game would be bigger than Metroid from a commercial perspective.

Concertoine253d ago

Historically, no.

But Metroid Prime 1 was a sleeper hit due to the excellent advertising and the hype of seeing Samus again after 8 years. Sold 2.5 million on the gamecube which is quite a bit.

DKC:TF is a killer game but it underperformed and i think Nintendo sees the value in diversitying their lineup as opposed to another 2D platformer.

smashman98253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

@Concertoine you are correct I'm sure Nintendo sees the value in doing something different from other things it has. But I don't believe rider is trying to diminish the value of a game like Metroid prime 4 but rather that Metroid prime 4 wouldn't be considered a silver bullet simply because, despite being a favorite of core gamers, metroid doesn't really light the sales charts on fire. With that being said I truly believe that mp4 will do much better in sales than previous entries and would go as far as saying I could totally see it being a top seller due to how much the gaming landscape has changed since the last Metroid prime.

The 10th Rider253d ago

Eh, but even a Metroid Samus Returns and Metroid Prime 3, great entries in the series on consoles with good install bases, weren't huge sellers. Now you could make arguments as to why, one being a remake and the other using motion controls (that actually worked really well), but I think that goes to show that in order for Metroid to be a huge seller it'd *really* have to tick all the right boxes. Until we see gameplay footage I'm not holding out for Metroid to move too many consoles.

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Avengerz43253d ago

My switch is currently collecting dust again after beating Odyssey. Just like it did after breaking BoTW and all its DLC. Nintendo has the games they're just not here yet for the switch. I want a smash Bros would be nice in between waiting for Metroid. I doubt we'll see a Mario Kart until '19. Bayonetta doesn't interest me either does Pokemon.

The 10th Rider253d ago

I mean, Xenoblade, Splatoon, Arms, Pokken, Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Golf Story, Super Bomberman R, Mario + Rabbids . . . There's plenty of great exclusive games available here and now, they just might not be what you're interested in. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, I was just correcting the idea that the games aren't here yet.)

Avengerz43253d ago

Yea there's been some highly reviewed games released so there's certainly something there for everyone. I love fire emblem series but not the dynasty warriors type gameplay I prefer the traditionally fire emblem strategy RPG. Xenoblade 2 had me intrigued and I may still get it. But Kart 8 is a port rather than a new game and the rest were just a bit too childish for my taste. I would also like to add to my original post that a new donkey Kong would also be cool this year.

SurgicalMenace253d ago

Honestly, outside of Xenoblade and Fire Emblem(debatable), we've already experienced the rest. What would have been awesome is if Nintendo, wasn't so Nintendo and actually tried something outside of the box. I mean they are putting 9s and 10s behind their games now, showing just how many generations that people have NOT demanded more. I have to reserve any excitement for Metroid because it's not from the original studio that made it great, and Project Octo doesn't have a release date. We all get it, Mario, Zelda, Smash, Pokemon, etc are great but can we please see something awe inspiring? Hell, I would hope those games would be great you've been making them for multiple generations. I hate that the Switch makes people have to rebuy what has already been purchased on the Wii U, FOR FULL PRICE!?!? But DLC, though....all would be cheaper. Look at the Xbox and PS4 stores. JS

The 10th Rider253d ago


That's pretty ironic considering that both Zelda and Mario for Switch were considered breaths of fresh air for the series and were considered awe inspiring by most critics and many gamers around the world. The sales of each game speak for themselves there.

SurgicalMenace252d ago

No one said that Zelda or Mario did not deserve credit, but man have we seen it all before. You guys can continue to turn a blind eye to how much Zelda took from Horizon and The Witcher if you like. It was the same with Twilight and Okami, but hey, if you're not willing to try new things all to play the same you'll never see it. I have gamed for far too long, to tell myself that something is amazing that isn't, just because a group of people or publication tells me so. I've learned that if you have to be sold on greatness then it is often far from it, look at commercials. How many commercials actually present the true value of an item? From Kirby vacuums to Porsches, their quality is what sells them not commercials, because there is no need for them. Now how many lower quality items have to constantly be sold as amazing?

To be clear, I am not saying that Mario or Zelda are not good games, but they may only come off as awe inspiring if you only play Nintendo titles. It's like," That's a great opened world adventure for a Zelda game." or "That was a great Mario platformer." To go all out how everyone else did for them is to say that they've created something so new that no one executed it previously, which IS NOT the case, sir.

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Kosic253d ago

That's the issue I knew I was getting into buying a Switch. I wouldn't go the route to sell it on though. As there is a heavy library of games coming in its life.

After Mario od, mario & rabbids, skyrim and mk8. My switch started to collect dust. But I managed to get Xenoblade chronicles 2 a week ago for £30 (out of Argos) . I started it two nights ago and I've already clocked in 10 hours.

It's a good game, but has some questionable decisions on game play choices. (like some real half arsed ideas that if you removed you would never noticed them gone).

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