Monster Hunter: World Surpasses PUBG As Top Paid Xbox One Game

Statistics for several Xbox One categories on the Microsoft store have been updated, revealing that PUBG's two-month reign as the top paid game has come to an end.

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lxeasy2266d ago

The fact that PUBG was the top selling game on Xbox for this long is simply amazing. Game came out on the preview program Dec 12

jukins2266d ago

30 bucks + pc hype as well as lack of exclusives . .

Saijahn2266d ago

@jukins, how about it’s just a fun game? Bugs galore and it reigned supreme for 2 months.

As the game gets better I think it will stay up there as most played paid game.

lxeasy2265d ago

I agre Saijahn, not sure where the hate is coming from. I enjoy the game

S2Killinit2265d ago

Its not a bad game but its not amazing either, thus the price. But the lack of options definitely helps its sales.

notachance2265d ago

it's a great game, had some hilarious and tense moment playing it with friends

I wish there's more maps and modes though... perhaps one littered with narrow and closed area instead of huge open one

Strafe2265d ago

Pay no attention to S2Killinit, he's just a Sony fanboi, he can't help being a prick. It's in his DNA.

jznrpg2265d ago

What else was there to compete? Not much

butchertroll2265d ago

Those sales are weekly. LOL

How anyone can celebrate an 10-15% of total WW sales of MHW on Xbone. 2 mil. in Japan alone is on PS4 where Xbone version doesn't exists. Just in Spain PS4 - Xbone version split is 12 - 1. In UK Split is 72%-28% in PS4 favor

01 (NE) PS4 Monster Hunter: World - 22,000 / NEW
02 (NE) PS4 Dragon Ball FighterZ - 19,000 / NEW
03 (01) PS4 FIFA 18 - 4,400 / 680,000
04 (NE) 3DS Pokemon Crystal Version - 3,000 / NEW
05 (03) PS4 Call of Duty: WWII - 2,800 / 450,000

XX (NE) XBO Dragon Ball FighterZ - 2,300 / NEW
XX (NE) XBO Monster Hunter World - 1,800 / NEW

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Sonic_Vs_Mario2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Monster Hunter sold more than 4 million digital copies on Xbox One? Good joke who ever wrote this article

Paytaa2267d ago

Reading comprehension. MHW is selling better than PUBG right NOW. Not overall. It goes by the Top Paid Games list on Xbox One.

Sonic_Vs_Mario2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

PUBG is still in early access unlike Monster Hunter. The final game hasn't released.

UCForce2267d ago

For very long time, Monster Hunter World is become part of mainstream game. More importantly, the game sold way more than handheld.

2265d ago
jukins2266d ago

pubg didnt sell that many copies . . . it has that many players that have created characters in the game.

Jinger2265d ago

I may not know how to do this, but how do you create more than one character per account?

jukins2265d ago

no per account its different users on one xbox. If you ever see a press release on pubg sales you'll notice they never say SOLD, its always the amount of players.

Eonjay2265d ago

Don't confuse copies sold with 'player count'

The_Jackel2265d ago

Why defend an early access game? Should be defending the full retail game so other devs don't half ass and put games in early access just to make money off people.

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PhoenixUp2267d ago

Top paid is such a strange phrase

Why not just say best selling?

PurplePeopleEaters2267d ago

Best selling means more copies are being sold... Top paid means more money is coming in.

RememberThe3572265d ago

I thought it was just to distinguish between free-to-play and retail games.

Ittoittosai2265d ago

Ugh no guy remember is correct but its actually a mobile games term.

Ittoittosai2265d ago

Its a mobile term if you look at google play store or IOS they have a top paid apps or games section. Apparently this guy is either confused or is trying to bring the term to console software as well.

UCForce2267d ago

Well, what do you know ? Monster Hunter World is very popular and I love that game so much.