Ranking the Xeno Games

Ranking the Xeno games - Tetsuya Takahashi is a master storyteller and video game director. His games are masterpieces. What is the best Xeno game though?

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guywazeldatatt1825d ago

The Xeno games, Xenosaga in particular, are very underrated. I hope we see Xenosaga return again one day, but regardless the Xenoblade games have been great and looking at all seven games it's so hard to rank given the fact that each of them is so good in their own respective way. each one has something special and unique to bring to the table.

nintendoswitchfan1825d ago

Xenosaga is decent but deeply flawed.

guywazeldatatt1825d ago

every game has its flaws, even the best. Xenosaga is still an incredible experience with the best story in any video game, period.

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blitz06231824d ago

Hoping for a Xenosaga trilogy, though not sure if it'll be Switch exclusive.

Also, Xenogears will always be number 1 for me!

guywazeldatatt1824d ago

@ blitz I would guess ps4 too

_-EDMIX-_1824d ago

I feel the original 3 xenosaga have their own flaws sure but I would say the positives outweigh those negatives greatly.

I don't think I've even played a RPG that is had a Trilogy with connected story as good as xenosaga before.

@blit-it would likely be on PlayStation 4 /PC / Switch.

Namco owns the rights to the xenosaga intellectual property.

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_-EDMIX-_1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

@DJ- except development teams very rarely actually create remasters or transition jobs they actually specifically go to teams that focus on this.

Look at bluepoint games it would have basically be like trying to say naughty dog would need to put Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us 2 on hold but completely ignoring that bluepoint games is the team that transferred all three of the Uncharted games...

Bluepoint games doesn't actually make Uncharted games like from the ground up their job is simply to transfer....

That actually means it would be extremely unlikely for Namco to need that team to do that because that doesn't really have anything to do with remastering in terms of transferring a game over to another system a lot of that technique is done by teams that specifically are experts in that field.

I don't even understand why they would not release it on PlayStation 4 considering the market. So they would remaster xenosaga on a system that never got the original xenosaga games? Keep in mind I don't think anything's wrong with that but the fact that you even think it would be exclusive is extremely weird because it would be more likely you would see it across all platforms that support Japanese games.

Trust me Namco is not going to be putting money for some ground up remake of a series that originally failed to sell in the first place... Did you not read that xenosaga was originally supposed to be like six games?

What Namco wants is to make money which means they're going to release it on multiple systems there is no benefit to the company to release it on less platforms especially considering the xenosaga games did not sell very well

I don't see any benefit to them limiting where it's going to appear... I simply see wishful thinking on your part that you think it's going to be exclusive despite the publisher owning the intellectual property.

Goldenarmz1824d ago

Most things are flawed, nothing is perfect.

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_-EDMIX-_1824d ago

Xenosaga games are definitely very underrated. Those are some of my favorite turn-based RPGs on PlayStation 2.

I think it's better for the team with the Xenoblade games of having each game be different in terms of narrative story etc, I would say xenosaga is downfall was them trying to make such a long complex story I remember reading it was supposed to be like six games or something.

Mike_Scorpio1825d ago

I just a Xeno Warriors. Xenoblade and Xenosaga coming together, to wreck madness and destruction on everyone, and everything.

guywazeldatatt1825d ago

well in Project X Zone 2, which Monolith co-developed with some other companies, KOS-MOS and Fiora from Xenoblade are paired together during section, so that would actually be pretty cool. Xenosaga has some other really great characters like Rubedo/Jr and Albedo.

nintendoswitchfan1825d ago

I would say Xeno X is the best. The exploration is awesome and the mech battles are awesome/epic. Xenogears should be higher.

guywazeldatatt1825d ago

X's story is decent but not as good as XBC and definitely nowhere near the league of Xenosaga. Still hoping we get that Xenosaga HD remaster on switch someday...

In the meantime I'll just flip on my PS2.

nintendoswitchfan1825d ago

I don't think they'd work on the switch because in portable mode the cutscenes are too long. then again, the same could be said for XBC2 or the 3DS version of XBC, so who knows. probably won't be made anyway.

guywazeldatatt1825d ago

@nintendoswitchfan they are not nearly as bad as you think. replaying the games now I can tell you, yes some parts push it, but if they put XBC and XBC2 as portables on the 3DS and Switch, Xenosaga would have no problem at all.

_-EDMIX-_1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Okay I thought it was just me because I really really really really liked Xenoblade Chronicles.

I didn't really understand Xenoblade X and I just didn't like it as much as Chronicles. Even though I really like the concept with the mechs.

I recently brought out my PlayStation 2 just to play through the third game lol 😂😂😂

That series just had such an epic ending.

@nin-re master of xenosaga I don't really believe would be that complex in regards to not being able to run on the switch or anything like that.

I think it would have completely no problem. Because of how xenosaga was perceived in regards to sales I don't even really believe Namco would be making some full-blown remake it's likely they would just touch up some of the scenes put the game in high-definition which would mean 100% it can still exist and work on the Nintendo switch, no problem.

@Dark Link - took the words right out of my mouth I mean is this person not realizing that Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade X far surpass anything done with xenosaga? A remaster of xenosaga is not going to look like the equivalent of what you see from Xenoblade.

Princess_Pilfer1824d ago

The story of XBC completely failed to engage me. I got maybe 15 hours in before giving up? I don't like Shulk (I don't dislike him, I'm just not interested at all,) I don't like how Shulk plays, I don't like how the game essentially forces you to play Shulk or enemy/boss mechanics will wreck you, I don't like... any of the characters I met really. I like story driven games, I like Xenosaga for that matter, but XBC just falls flat at every turn. It's more interesting as a plot summary on wikipedia than as an actual game.

XBCX is much, much, much better. I get to pick a playstyle I actually like without the game bitchslapping me the very first time something even sorta tough shows up, I actually like several of the characters, and the actual plot is basic and minimalistic, but reasonably well executed and quite happy to stay out of the way and let me enjoy the things I really like about the game.

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Yi-Long1824d ago

Xeno X didn't have the original voices included, just the terrible English dub, so that alone already works against it.

And then there was the ridiculous censorship.

guywazeldatatt1824d ago

We need the original voice track

Princess_Pilfer1824d ago

THe original voice track would be nice, but the dub is good. And I have pretty high standards for what constitutes a good dub. Now, the *localization* I have no idea wether that was well done or not because I haven't experienced the original, but I actually recognize the names and/or voices of several of the people in the X specifically because they hired good voice actors.

Theknightofnights1824d ago

Personally, I think Xenogears and Xenoblade 1 are the best.

guywazeldatatt1824d ago

Yes they’re all so hard to rank

bluefox7551824d ago

I would put Xenogears first, easily.

guywazeldatatt1824d ago

The second disc needs to be finished lol

TheOtherVitaOwner1824d ago

Even with the rushed second disk the story of Xenogears is leagues above any single other Xeno game

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