Final Fantasy XV PC Benchmark's 8K Screenshots Show Insane Details Thanks to Nvidia Ansel

The Benchmark of the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is fully compatible with Nvidia Ansel, allowing you to take some really crazy screenshots.

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amielucha261d ago

What's "really crazy" about those screenshots or "insane" about the details? Comparing to other titles from 2017/2018 the graphics look mediocre at best. The mix of sharp details and blurry low resolution textures simply does not convince me. Shiny doll-like characters and lack of visual consistency result in a product that looks like a PS3 game remake where only part of the resources has been updated.

clouds5261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

The whole game is mediocre. It has some great moments but most of the time it's pretty boring and sometimes even annoying.
And the recent FF settings have a habit of not making any sense if you don't read ancillary text or even watch whole movies etc.
Some fancy updated graphics won't help the game much.

261d ago
thisismyaccount261d ago

ran it on my pc, from 2013ish at 1080p standard and it looked rubbish to say the least. They should have called it THE LAST REMNANT Part 2 ... a similar turd back then. Squaresoft is long dead, wished Sony had acquired Enix and not SS.

The combat looked boring as fuck, jump here, jump there, flashy graphics ... overall just bad, lacks soul? to me of previous installment (only played 7/9/10).

Jaypi03261d ago

How'd you run it on PC if it's not even out yet? Also the Combat was one of the best things about FF 15, it's the story and the plot that was lacking, the overall gameplay felt really good, as did the world and characters. You seem to have a personal vendetta against Square Enix because they're two companies merged long a go, move on from it already.

fuvowi261d ago

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Jaypi03261d ago

Well considering it came out in 2016, that's makes sense it doesn't look as good as newer games. I don't know what shiny doll look you speak of, and the only blurry textures I see are in the car, which is about it.

DarkStar1261d ago

These fanboys these days love to use incredible/insane/crazy on really crappy graphics. Its a click bait tactic.

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