Video Games Are the Reason My Dad and I Are Best Friends

Becca at GameSpew: My dad is my best friend, and it’s all because of those moving pixels we call video games. And that’s kinda cool, right?

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franwex258d ago

I'm friends with my dad too; but he doesn't play games at all. He has watched me while I play MGSV for some strange reason.
If it wasn't for games I'm sure you would have found something to bond over, it's what nice dads do.
Side note: for some reason I thought this was written by a guy. So when I saw the screenshots that had the contact as: Daddy-I was a little bewildered. lol.

Frinker258d ago

Videogames are the reason my dad disowned me

getbacktogaming258d ago

I hope you're not serious :/