Call of Duty WWII Occupation vs Modern Warfare 3 Resistance Map Comparison

The first DLC package The Resistance to Call of Duty: WWII made its debut yesterday (30 January) on PlayStation 4 , bringing with it, among others three new maps.
One of them is Occupation, a refreshed version of the well-known location of Resistance from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 , where we fight on the narrow streets of occupied Paris. YouTuber Cycu1 decided to check how it got changed since the original.

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thisismyaccount854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

ExtraCredits ".. games have to/should be more expensive!"
Dev.004 ".. let´s recycle content from previous games, like cutscenes and other assets!" "Fok YEAH! Easy $60!!!"

854d ago

I thought this map looked familiar..smh

roslindros854d ago

Wow wow Sledgehammer is like the not even the B team more like the D- Cod Dev.. I would fire the lot


Lol, I mean, it is the same map because it is supposed to be the same location in Paris from MW3 ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.