Flawed but Popular Simulators - Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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It probably doesn’t make sense to point out the flaws of a game that’s over 11 years old, but I’m going to do it anyway. Mind you, I’ve put about 667 hours into it so far, which goes to show that despite my gripes I can’t help but play it. Even so, there are some notable issues with this simulator that I can’t help but notice with each play session.

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Finch1361d ago

I am mostly a pc gamer and love my flight sims. But I got to say I got a Xbox original because of these flight sims (combat flight simulator) from Ms. Still too this day I am waiting for it to come to console. Love there flight sims but besides waiting for a console version I'm now waiting for even a new pc version. Microsoft really has the best flight sims and they just letting it go to waste on both fronts. Come on ms get one or the other out of not both.

AKR1360d ago

They closed the development studio that was responsible for making the Flight Simulator series (it was called ACES) all the way back in 2009. On top of that, they handed over the rights to Dovetail Games who is now making Flight Sim World. I mentioned this in the article.

Basically, I don't think the official MS-made Flight Simulator will ever return.

Finch1360d ago

Yea unfortunately I know. But still would love to see a return. Mostly the combat flight simulator.

AKR1360d ago

This is just an opinion piece.