Top 7 Best Gaming Remakes Ever

Originals are great, but know what's even more special? When a remake comes out and tops it. Sometimes, things are better the second time around, and these seven games prove it!

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Venox2008258d ago

Okay..where is Resident Evil remake?

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Duke19258d ago

Dead or Alive Boob Volleyball HD!?

letsa_go258d ago

When are we getting Dead or Alive VR Girlfriend Simulator?

PhoenixUp258d ago

What’s with this website’s obsession with clickbait thumbnails?

I’m all for T&A but does it have to accommodate every article on this site

Retroman258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

How about remake of Gradius,Contra, Earthworm Jim, R-type, Battle Arena Toshiden .