Huge Blu-ray Revenue Increases

FWC:Record Market Share for the Week Ending October 5th.

Fueled by the record sales of Iron Man, revenue was up over 145% to $26.8M, while the 13% market share set a new record for the top 20 Blu-ray versus DVD.

The per title market share chart shows that Iron Man sold over 17% of its units on Blu-ray - a great achievement for a title that sells to casual DVD buyers.

Universal's Ultimate Unrated Comedy Collection sold over 96% of its units on Blu-ray - of course, all three titles were new for Blu-ray, where only one was a new release for DVD.

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Common Sense5107d ago

mainstream. This is good news. The more revenues Sony makes from movies, the more likely they are to reduce the price of Blu-Ray drives which means price cut for the PS3. The sooner the PS3 hits $299, the better.

Hydrolex5107d ago

PS3 seriously !


eric1005107d ago

By the end of next year DVD will be RIP-ed

well done SONY and BLU RAY and PS3


Pika-pie5107d ago (Edited 5107d ago )

Best thing ive noticed about blu-ray is that the prices of discs have started to come down.

Iv seen recent titles for as little as £13 which is fantastic. Thats down from £20 this time last year.

Thoas5107d ago

The Dark Knight is going to PWN on blu-ray

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The story is too old to be commented.