Star Wars Battlefront II Sold Under EA's Expectations in 2017; Live Services Exceeded Predictions

Star Wars Battlefront II shipped below Electronic Arts expectations, but this was offset by better than predicted performance of live services.

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XiNatsuDragnel259d ago

Lol dmg controlling EA at it again just keep running yourselves to the ground

Eonjay258d ago

Okay so the real issues here is that companies can completely bomb or in Microsoft's case release no games and they still make money because of 'services'. They are going to play this community like fools as long as they have loud fanboys who will basically eat shit for the sake of a company. Sony is at it too and we need to keep an eye on them as well. Yes they make games, but I can come up with 3 solid examples of them trying to do this crap to us too.
Oh and about EA, they faked Anthem's release, cancelled a decent Star Wars game, screwed up another Star Wars game, killed Visceral, sabotaged, devalued and acquired Respawn and actually tried to play gamers as idiots telling them microtransactions led to pride and accomplishment. In a year when Activision should win worst company, EA comes flying out of the gate, blows past Activision and proves once again, that they refuse to lose the race to the bottom.

Chaosdreams258d ago

I like what you just wrote, very much.

258d ago
Nyxus259d ago

"Jorgensen explained that Star Wars Battlefront II underperformed compared to expectations, but live services “significantly exceeded them.”"

Depressing, truly depressing.

elazz258d ago

They have only 3 aspects calculated in:

Live Services
Full game downloads

In their calculations live services contain:

- Extra content (e.g. DLC, packs, etc.)
- Subscriptions (Origin Access etc)
- Advertising (which translates to in-game ads)
- Other (anything that doesn't fit above)

Clearly physical games are under other now making it seem that live services are everything. They can better split a graph in the following way:

Retail games
Digital Download in-house productions
Other Digital Download Games
Additional Content
[boosters, loot box, coins etc.]

Relientk77258d ago

Glad it sold under expectations. Greedy idiots

UCForce258d ago

And EA will never learn their lesson. They still service is their future.

arkard258d ago

But live services exceeded expectations, so they don't see any reason to change

meshowz258d ago

Is this game even relevant?

Dante101258d ago

Ha Great!!!!! I Hope all their upcoming games underperforms

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The story is too old to be commented.