Coming Soon: ESO Update 17 and Dragon Bones DLC

Clare goes over exactly what to expect in ESO Update 17 and the Dragon Bones DLC due to arrive in-game this February, with something for everybody.

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ArchangelMike1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

I've been in two minds about ESO, I was going to buy at launch, but then there was the whole meltdown with it being a bugged up mess. Then when Morrowind came out, I was going to get it but, then got cold feet.

Am I too late to the party, or is there still fun to be had in Tamriel?

Jaedia1400d ago

Nope, they've made so many improvements to the game since then you can totally hop in. You can play pretty much anything at any level nowadays, the only thing stopping you from things like their raids (I forget their name) is gear at lower level. It's often on sale, too.

ArchangelMike1400d ago

I saw the Gold Edition on sale, it was really cheap I think I saw in one shop for under 10bucks, but the thing I dread is being overwhelmed with content, and UI, and learning curve, especially if everyone else has reach god level and I'm the lvl 1 newbie that's asking daft questions in chat. lol.

Jaedia1399d ago

There's usually new people popping up all the time. I'd say just follow the main quests and see where you end up. You can join up to 5 guilds at a time, so I'm sure there are plenty of noob-friendly ones you could join for support if you did decide to pick it up.