SEGA and Interior Night are working on a brand-new narrative driven IP

John from DSOGaming writes: "SEGA Europe and the recently formed studio, Interior Night, have today announced that they have agreed a publishing partnership that will see both companies collaborating on the development and launch of a brand-new narrative driven IP. "

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AizenSosuke260d ago

Yes please make this the new Sonic

Smitty2020259d ago

Sonic for sega was best they should leave it at that

Relientk77260d ago

Cool would like to see it

Fist4achin260d ago

Sega is awesome. Not every game they make is great, but at least they dare to be different and try new things.

Pancit_Canton259d ago

3 things I want from Sega.

1. Phantasy Star Online II Localization
2. Shenmue 1& 2 remake
3. New Skies of Arcadia

neutralgamer1992259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

Shenmue 1 and 2

Pancit_Canton259d ago

Maybe, they could ask Bluepoint to make it. I could only dream.

neutralgamer1992259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

With them doing yakuza kiwame style remakes we would like that because I really believe if released now via a remake the games will sell well

They came at a time when industry wasn't ready neither were the gamers

Smitty2020259d ago

This is what I want b4 the new 1 otherwise am going to have to blow the dust off my Dreamcast lol

amcka30259d ago

Of all the publishers I was expecting to get involved on something like this, Sega was not among them. Then again, they are doing some crowd-pleasing things lately, so here's hoping this is as good as the development staff promises.