Must-Have Ports We Want on Current Generation Consoles

Andrew and I have a lengthy discussion on the games and series we would love to see on a current generation platform." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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TheCommentator856d ago

If only there were a system that supported games from previous generations it would make waiting for ports obsolete...

Hardiman856d ago

I never played Persona 3 or 4 and would love to give them go after a Persona 5! Also one game I was blown away by back in the day was Eternal Darkness! I would love to see it get a proper Remake much like Shadow of the Colossus! I know Silicone Knights about no more but man that game was amazingly ahead of its time!

Teflon02856d ago

Persona 3 yeah, fine. Leave Persona 4 alone though. It got a great rerelease on Vita and I'm tired of Vita games being put on consoles. Let it breath a gen atleast and then give it a full on remake

eagle21855d ago

Super Mario Sunshine is one of my favorite games ever. PLEASE!!!!