Top 10 Worst Things About Modern Gaming

There are definitely things we do not miss about old games and hardware, but, there are aspects of modern gaming that are less than ideal.

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Hardiman1242d ago

Yeah loot boxes/ microtransactions are at the top for me! GAAS is another one or the push to try and make these fit into AAA games!

DLC when done right a la Witcher 3, HZD etc is fine but stripping a game down to then sell it back in pieces is garbage! I just don't support games that use these so that works for me as there's so many that still do it right!

I do miss local multiplayer though! Also I haven't had any issues since RRD. Day one PS3 Slim performed great as do my day one PS4 and Pro!

Tross1242d ago

Yeah, PS4s and later model PS3s have thankfully been a lot sturdier.

1241d ago
fenome1241d ago

Free to play price models and game mechanics in full priced reased (along with season passes and everything else) is the bane of our industry right now. If this is allowed to continue they're going to start charging subscriptions on a game to game basis along with everything else.