PSi: Hail to the Chimp Review

PSi writes: "Hail to the Chimp is a very entertaining title, with more than you might expect. Sure, at its heart, it is a presidential election-themed party game comprised of several different flavors of mini-games with cel-shaded graphics that give it a very animated and cartoon-y appearance, but Wideload went to great lengths to breathe life and a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek comedy into this game.

The game takes the form of a presidential election to elect the new replacement for the Lion, who quickly evacuated the post amongst a storm of speculation, rumors and scandal. That leaves ten unlikely candidates eager to take his place: Santo (the artistic Armadillo), Daisy (the youthful Platypus), Murgatroyd (the enigmatic Jellyfish), Bean (the world's most energetic Sloth), Ptolemy (Hippo who thinks the 70's haven't ended), Floyd (Walrus/Guru/Dock "worker"), Moxie (Musk Ox), Crackers (Chimp), Hedwig (Polar Bear) and Toshiro (Octopus). Each of these characters are over-the-top cartoony, animated characters, as are the supporting characters in the GRR (an animal-based spoof of CNN... "Grrr"... get it?)."

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blynx1823714d ago

Would have been interesting if it had Sarah palin.