Media Create Sales: 1/15/18 - 1/21/18

The latest Media Create Sales calculations. Mario + Rabbids premiers in Japan, as do Gintama Rumble and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

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Neonridr2078d ago

Nice debut for Mario + Rabbids. Dissidia seems to have dropped off from last week.

Lime1232078d ago

Second week in a row PS4 on top where it belongs. It should be on top for the next 2 weeks also thanks to MHW, Dynasty Warriors and Dragon Ball.

Neonridr2078d ago

are we talking hardware or software now? You keep changing your story to suit your agenda.

Lime1232078d ago

PS4 sold 20.2 million last year WW. Did Switch reach 15 million?

Neonridr2078d ago

@Lime123 - again, this is a Japanese article. Not global. How come you can never just stay on target. Why not bring the Wii U into your defense too. The Switch hasn't even been out a year yet.

Knushwood Butt2078d ago

I'd say hardware and software, for the next 3 weeks.

Plus there's a fairly regular flow of PS4 games after that.

Neonridr2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

@Knushwood Butt - The Switch has plenty of titles coming this year too. And unlike the PS4, Switch titles sell into the millions. I know Monster Hunter will sell. But Pokemon on Switch will sell even more. I mean look at Dissidia, did really well last week, now being outsold by Splatoon 2 and MK8.

Knushwood Butt2078d ago

@ Neon

Switch doesn't seem to have any notable releases until Kirby in the middle of March.

Neonridr2078d ago

@Knushwood Butt - yet that seems to make no difference. Splatoon 2 and MK8 came out last summer and are still moving more than new PS4 releases. So I fail to see the change, as more people continue to purchase Switches, those games will continue to sell. The Switch has like 4 titles that have crossed the 1 million mark in sales in Japan. PS4 is hard pressed to have more than 1 or 2 and it's been out in Japan for over 4 years.

Knushwood Butt2078d ago

I have no doubt that Splatoon 2 and MK8 will continue to sell.

However, it seems to me that Nintendo have nothing new to offer until the middle of March, and I don't see Kirby making a dent on the titles listed above.

cyber_daemonx2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

@neon 'And unlike PS4 switch tiltles sell into the millions'. You mean like Until Dawn which sold over 5 mill and Horizon which sold about the same etc. Talk about complete bullcrap as usual.

michellelynn09762077d ago

He is like any other rabid fanboy. Changing his tune to what fits his narrative.

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septemberindecember2078d ago

“Where it belongs”

Dude, get your petty fanboyism out of here. No console or company inherently belongs on top. Not Nintendo, not Sony, and not Microsoft.

badz1492077d ago

definitely not MS though

Kiwi662077d ago

That's odd as it says that the Switch was #1 in both hardware & software so what article did you read

Prince_TFK2077d ago


You should change your name to SaltyFanboy123 as that would suit you more.


Nintendo do have Bayonetta 1+2 in Feb and that would sell a ton. Plus in Feb they have other big third party games to help them as well such as Dragon Quest Builder and Payday 2 so it is not as dry as you make it out to be.

michellelynn09762077d ago

Also get your info right. The ps4 barely won thanks to adding in the pro. But, it counts. And the Switch beat the ps4 by 60,000 the first week of Jan, so no. The ps4 is NOT beating the Switch overall in Japan.

DivineAssault 2077d ago

Nintendo is on fire.. Sony releases the most games i personally like to play but nintendo is a close second.. There is no denying how great theyre doing though.. You should be happy..Both of those companies need each others competition to survive..

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Lime1232078d ago

YTD Switch leads PS4 by cca 40k in Japan. Next week PS4 will become best selling console YTD in Japan. This is Nintendo's strongest market? This is Sony's weakest market?

Neonridr2078d ago

YTD.. 3 weeks, lol

How did the Switch do vs the PS4 last year out of curiosity? Switch will surpass the PS4 in Japan by the end of the year, you watch.

Lime1232078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Japan - the only place in the world where Switch is selling better than PS4.

Neonridr2078d ago

@Lime123 - yet the Switch won 7 NPD's out of 10 months in North America for 2017. You were saying?

Lime1232078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Switch won 7 NPD's but PS4 sold better for 2017.

Btw PS4 won last 2 weeks in Japan, and at least next 2 will win


Neonridr2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

@Lime123 - it won by a few thousand over the past few weeks when you factor in 2 different SKUs.. yet in December the Switch outsold the PS4 by a few hundred thousand. I don't get you at all. You have such a selective memory.

Yes the PS4 sold better for 2017 in NA. It was on sale for 2 additional months. Go figure eh?

Lime1232078d ago

PS4 was selling 2 months more than Switch, but PS4 didn't launched last year - Switch had launch month where it sold cca 1 million in US, so ending March PS4 and Switch were practically tied in US.

Neonridr2078d ago

@Lime123 - so what if it didn't launch last year. In those two months the PS4 probably sold like 300k units or something. Easy to compare the two on uneven terms. Who has sold more since March of 2017 in the US? Wanna guess?

Lime1232078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Oh so you wonna compare from March (when Switch launched and sold 1 million) to end of year? That's not uneven terms?

Neonridr2078d ago

I don't even know how to respond to that last statement Lime, I really don't.

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michellelynn09762077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

How about both have done well and no one is owed no1. Talk about rabid fanboyism. Wow

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Prince_TFK2077d ago

Congrats to Sony. Next week the PS4 sale will soar through the roof with the release of MHW.

Competition is always good for gaming.