This Amazing Dark Souls Cosplay Will Give You Shivers

In a world of colorful and childish casual games Dark Souls seems to be pure madness and as a matter of fact, it is! The game is hard but really rewarding as well once you master its mechanics and today gamers we are going to show you an amazing cosplay to celebrate this wonderful action Rpg!

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PressXtoBacon320d ago

okay, that's pretty damn good.

rdgneoz3319d ago

Nice crown, but it's more a special effects shoot than anything. Con I went to last year had a guy decked in Ornstein's armor and spear (probably this guy ), now that is insane.

theshredded319d ago

but that's a Dark Souls 3 cosplay though...

PressXtoBacon316d ago

they said Dark Souls as in the franchise....