Why CS:GO Is The Best FPS Game Of All Time

We know what most of you will say – it’s not! Some will say it’s trying too hard and some will say it is perfect.

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Gazondaily924d ago

I keep jumping back into this.

The sheer number of player numbers, decades after release of the original CS is astounding. Its always over half a million!

The gunplay is on another level.

pellpell923d ago

I am a big fan of the gunplay in this as well - creating that fairly easy to pick up but very hard to master element I look for in games

SolidStoner923d ago

If you love shooters like CS GO, you must look into Rainbow Six Siege, more intelligent, squad based and tactical, with every choice having consequences - its really an FPS Chess game..

JEECE923d ago


Playing Siege makes me ask one question - if I'm going to play a game of this style, why not play the best one: Counter-Strike?

While it's a great option for console only people, if you are already a CS player, there's no reason to take a step down. The microtransaction-encouraging progression alone takes it down a notch (locking powerful characters behind extremely high credit requirements).

Minimox16923d ago

It will be great to have it on new consoles! PS4/XBOX1/SW!

Gazondaily923d ago

This is one game where you need keyboard and mouse support

Bretty923d ago

I just couldn't get into it. I've tried so many times but I just suck at FPS games haha.
That said I do enjoy watching it pros play it from time to time.

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The story is too old to be commented.