Epic Games Acquires Cloud Computing Experts Cloudgine Ltd

Cloudgine's online technologies will help to enhance Unreal Engine 4.

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AizenSosuke272d ago

Dang Microsoft sure missed out on this baby.

Godmars290272d ago

Yes. Surprise that. Almost as if cloud computing was merely a talking point and actual utilization of the tech is still years away.

IamTylerDurden1270d ago

Microsoft was touting the cloud in 2014 when Titanfall released. That was 4 years ago. It was basically just a talking point for years and it was massively exaggerated. It's 2018 and how many launched games have used the cloud to dramatic effect? In 4 years how many released games have used the cloud to dramatically improve the actual game? The fact is, Microsoft talked up the cloud way too early and they talked it up too much. It was used to sell ppl on the idea that the xbone would imminently become significantly more powerful through the use of the cloud. Microsoft was using anything they could to sell consoles and to convince ppl that they weren't stuck with the underwhelming performance of the xbone. They overplayed the could, dx12, and esram.

Poobz270d ago

Surprised no mention of Crackdown 3, did I miss something.

Aenea270d ago


Perhaps Fortnite and PUBG could benefit from it with more destruction...