The Competitive Smash 4 Scene Is Anxiously Awaiting Nintendo's Next Big Move

The last few years have been pivotal in establishing Super Smash Bros. For Wii U as its own game, separate from its everlasting older sibling Melee. The Smash 4 scene has grown, developed major personalities and storylines, and saw its Evo grand finals live on cable television. Now all eyes are on Nintendo for what’s next.

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Marcus Fenix272d ago

I could definitely use a Smash Bros Wii U port for the Switch in the meantime.

Majin-vegeta272d ago

It will either be announced at E3 or EVO later this year.

vevi272d ago

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3-4-5271d ago

Maps in Smash 4 are terrible and gimmicky.

Also only 6 backgrounds for map creator is laughable. I like most of the roster though.

Smash 5...give us 20 new stages and 8 new fighters.

wonderfulmonkeyman272d ago

As long as they make sure the next one has Smash Run instead of Smash Tour, I don't much care about whatever else they wanna add to it.XD

Concertoine272d ago

Is smash run actually fun? Ive just never deviated from start > smash > online > for glory in my 250+ hours of smash 4

wonderfulmonkeyman271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Well, I think it's fun.
Remember Subspace Emissary from Brawl, and the various adventure-like mini-stages back in the adventure mode of Melee, like finding the Triforce in the dungeon of Hyrule Castle?

It's like taking those two, without the story aspects, and mixing them together with Kirby's Air Ride power-ups;
You spend 5 minutes going around this massive stage doing as many side tasks as you can [kill certain enemies within a time limit like huge Clubbas or Reapers, find hidden doors or treasure chests, etc] and going through temporary buffs or challenges [high winds, double points for a certain stat pick-up type for a limited time, temporary constant projectile reflection, one stat maxed for a certain time, etc] while killing enemies like goombas, floating eyes, hammer bros, Kremlings, star men, etc to make them drop as many upgrades for your 6 stats as possible.

At the end of the 5 minute time limit, everyone is thrust into a final battle, with whatever they managed to raise their stats to, that can be anything from an obstacle course race, to a "who can climb highest" race, to team or free-for-all Smash battles, coin, stock, time, battles against bosses, etc etc etc.

It's a LOT more entertaining than Smash Tour, in my opinion. Whenever I play Smash on 3DS I spend almost all of my time on that, even if I'm only playing against bots, and though I'm not huge on graphics I think it would be even more fun in HD.

wonderfulmonkeyman271d ago

Here's a look at it; it's easier to understand by watching than by reading my run-on description of it.^^;;

AizenSosuke272d ago

Switch port of Smash = instant success.

Relientk77272d ago

Yea waiting on Smash Bros for the Switch.


Smash 4 deluxe should have came this quarter.

marloc_x272d ago

...or don't pull the trigger until the game is right.😎

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